Dissertation Report Format

Important Guidelines for Dissertation Report Format & Submission

Are you wondering what the format of your dissertation report should be? You don’t need to wonder because you can check your university guidelines to understand the format of your dissertation report and when it should be submitted. Let’s now discuss some of the important things that you actually must know about dissertation report format and submission.

Dissertation Report Paper:

Find out about paper size and confirm if it should be A4 size. Also, find out about the weight and whiteness.

Dissertation Report Font Style and Size:

Confirm the standard font style and size. You might have to use Times New Roman of 12 pts.

Dissertation Report Margins:

Confirm your top, bottom, left and right margins.

Dissertation Report Page Format:

Find out about Head height, Head separation , Footer and Foot separation. Confirm if line spacing should be 1.5. Also, check whether you should use single or double-sided printing.

Dissertation Report Page Numbering:

Check your page numbering that whether it should be in the header or the footer. Also confirm if page numbers should be centered or should be at the corner. Find out what style should be used in the body of the report and what style should be used in the opening pages.

Submitting Your Dissertation Report:

Find out the deadline and submit your dissertation report before the deadline. Confirm how many bound copies you will have to submit. Also find out how many copies you will have to submit again for your dissertation defense.

Find Out Everything:

Now you have understood what you need to find out. But these are just some of the main things that you must confirm. Check your university guidelines and also discuss with your advisor that how you should put your dissertation report together, how should each part be written, what should your writing style be, what the format of your dissertation report should be and when should it be submitted. Knowing the dissertation report format will facilitate your dissertation writing process tremendously.