How To Do A Literature Review In Ten Minutes

Sometimes doing a literature review seems to be a very difficult task for the students, as they don’t know how to effectively cope with this problem; as a result they get stuck in the middle of their dissertation writing. This is why; we have decided to help those needy students who don’t know how to do a literature review, the following article will guide them in doing a literature review in no time.

The first thing that you should know about a critical literature review is that you don’t have to conduct a brand new research on the topic; you just have to provide a review on the any existing or previously done literature. The basic goal of doing a literature review is that it should provide the latest information about the topic and forming a new background for the further research work. Writing a critical literature review is all about up to the mark information and news with appropriate references along with the good use of terminologies while also providing a comprehensive view point on the previously done research work on the subject.

If you want to write an effective literature review, you just need to find a pertinent literature and write a review on it. For this purpose, you can consult any book, short novel, stories and essays and go through it deeply and search for all the research work done on that subject. Good resource to find information can be the libraries and internet. Internet can prove to be very beneficial for getting the desired material on any topic provided that all those resources are authentic.

Before actually putting your review on the paper, you need to properly read all the material you have gathered to write a literature review. You can also draft an outline where you would be noting down the chapter and topics that are relevant for your review. The best structure for doing a literature review will be starting it with an introductory paragraph, body and the conclusion. The body could also be divided into sub-bodies depending on the nature of literature review.

Thus, the preceding information about how to do a literature review will help you immensely in doing a literature review effectively.

How To Conduct A Literature Review In 5 Easy Steps

A literature review has many purposes behind it, some does it to provide background information about the research work done by the scholars and authors while in the scientific literature review, it is done to highlight the similar form of research work done and what can be done to do a further research work. No matter, for what purpose the literature review has been conducted, no research work is complete without writing a literature review which acts as a stand-alone document in any research project.

Writing a literature review:

1. Know the basics of conducting literature review:

You have to first get yourself acquainted with the term literature review, search over the internet about literature review and how you should incorporate in your research work. Most of the people think that it is just a review of a particular text; if you also think this way, then let me tell you that rather it is a data of material on a particular topic. It has been common practice that a literature review is done to highlight background information on any topic.

2. Decide what type of literature review you want to conduct:

At this stage, you have to decide which type of literature review you would like to conduct, if it will be something that stand by itself than select a topic of interest and write on it. If it is done for any scientific or research paper than use the best literature on that particular topic.

3. Decide the scope of the literature review:

Ask yourself, what is the scope of the literature review you are doing, a literature review can be either summary of all the important information or an evaluation of the sources on the topic while also suggesting the best sources or intellectual progression of any field or merger or new and old ideas. Scope of the literature review is decided on the basis of the type of literature review your are doing.

4. Incur the text required in conducting literature review:

Collect the text that has the relevant information to be included in the literature review and make sure if the sources are highly credible or not. Give more priority to the scholarly sources, for this, you can also consult the librarian to find good and authentic sources to obtain information from.

5. Style and Breadth of the literature review:

It is of utmost importance that you know the reason of conducting literature review because this will help in determining the style and breadth of it. So, make yourself very clear about the type and the scope of the literature review in order to further work on your project.

Therefore, I hope the above told literature review help will assist you in working on your project easily.

5 General Steps To Write A Literature Review

Literature reviews are not that difficult, however writing literature review can become difficult for students if they will not study their literature thoroughly. Figuring out the strengths and weaknesses from literature review papers is one of those key areas on which students should work very hard. The core purposes of literature reviews are to provide your readers an up to date literature.

A literature review must define the objectives of your research. You should have a command over information seeking and critical appraisal to come up with an effective review of literature. You need to define the following to the readers through your literature review:

• Your review should deliver its purpose to the audience.
• Review of literature should also tell readers about the scope of your literature review topic.

One needs to follow just 5 general steps to come up with an effective review of literature:

Step 1

Search Thoroughly: Thoroughly search for the literature through papers, books, journals and articles. It will definitely help you a lot in your assignment.

Step 2

Continuous Reading: You should keep reading about the topics related to your literature in order to collect useful information. Continuous reading will broaden the scope of your review. Thorough reading will also aid you to note down some important findings and references.

Step 3

Start Writing: You should begin to write a literature review to prove your viewpoint with the aid of references that you have found about the topic.

Step 4

Critical Evaluation and Modification: You may have begun writing literature review; but, you need to do a bit more to write your review. Information that you have collected for the review may not be up to date; therefore, analyze your literature to eliminate discrepancies, if there are any; you need to modify that.

Step 5

Citation: Once, you have completed the literature review; then you should cite down the sources that you have used for your literature including books, journals or articles.

They were the 5 general steps that one needs to follow to write a literature review. Last but not least, if you possess the strong analytically skills; then, it won’t be a big task for you to come up with effective review of literature.

How Should You Write Thesis Dissertations?

Thesis dissertations are fundamental requirement for students to earn their degree of high level. Therefore, they conduct their original research with heart and soul to come up with an effective thesis for their dissertation by following a comprehensive guideline. Every high level student needs to follow a few steps to write good thesis and dissertations. Here are the steps that one should follow in order to write effective thesis dissertations:
Step 1:

Introduction: First of all, you have to tell readers about the research background of your topic.

Defining Objectives: After research background, you have to define the purpose of your study to the audience that includes the objectives of your dissertation. Here are some common objectives that you will usually find out in dissertations:

• Addressing to a specific cause.
• Exploring revolutionary changes about the topic.
• Evaluating the causal effects related to a topic.

Scope and Limitations: Next, you need to tell your audience about key areas associated with the dissertation topic. You should also tell audience about limitations associated with the topic.

Literature Review: In literature review, you need to study journals, articles and books related to your topic.

Methodology: Whether you should go for a qualitative research or quantitative research; it depends on the type of topic that you are being assigned to research by the supervisor for your thesis and dissertations.

Step 2:

Data Analysis & Interpretation: Utilizing the statistical tools will help you to analyze and interpret data that you have gathered for your thesis dissertations through an original research.

Case Studies: In order to lengthen the scope of your dissertation, you need to study cases concerned with your dissertation topic.

Hypothesis: Hypothesis of data will aid you to prove or disprove the thesis.

Step 3:

Summary and Major Findings: You should conclude your dissertation by summarizing the viewpoint in several lines. Technically, you also need to mention your readers about the major findings related with your dissertation topic.

Suggestions and Contributions: You should advise your readers with suggestions if you find that some areas concerning with your topic needs improvement in layman’s language. You should also tell your audience about the developments that have been made in the subject of study.

Future Recommendations: Last but not least, you should give future recommendations about the subject to your readers.

In the end of thesis dissertations, you need to cite down the resources in bibliography section and resources that you have utilized for dissertation under the Appendix.

In a nutshell, one needs to concentrate very hard to come up with fruitful results for thesis and dissertations.

How To Make A Plan For Writing A Dissertation

It goes a lot into some pages of dissertation or thesis; you have to a lot of work in order to come up with a good piece of work. Doing a lot of home work doesn't mean that you have to move the mountains but, here, what I meant to say was you have to conduct a thorough research work before you actually execute the procedure. This is why; I have decided to jot down some planning tactics, so that you can effectively come up with a good piece of thesis.

Rule # 1:

Deciding a topic is itself a very hectic thing for writing a dissertation, as you have to search a lot for this. Get a pen and a paper, just write down what comes into your mind, this is called the brainstorming stage. You have to make sure that the topic you have chosen is of your interest and you have a thorough knowledge about it.

Rule # 2:

You have decided a topic for dissertation writing services; now all you have to do is conduct a thorough research work on the topic. Gather information as much as possible and read it to gain firsthand knowledge about it.

Rule # 3:

In the above stage, you have to be completed with all the primary reading about the subject. Make sure you have eight to nine weeks in your hands before the dissertation is due. You have to make a schedule for writing a dissertation which also gives you space to make you redraft of your work. For example; you have to write a dissertation comprising of the 10,000 words, then devise a schedule in which you will be writing 2000 words each week.

Rule # 4:

When you have three weeks left in the submission of your dissertation, show your first draft to your instructor in the beginning of the fourth week. In 5th, 6th and 7th week, redraft your dissertation. In the eighth week, get your dissertation printed and do the final submission.

You are now done with the proper homework for before writing a dissertation and I hope the preceding guide to writing dissertations will prove to be very effective for you. If you are still facing problems, then go for dissertation writing services on the internet, they will provide the required help before the deadline to help you cope with the issue.

Golden Rules Of Writing A Good Dissertation

Dissertation writing seems to be a nightmare for every student but they even cannot run away from it as this is a key to get a degree in their hands. Writing a good dissertation is not that difficult as it seems to be, you just need to put little more effort than essay writing. This is how students tend to search for it over the internet to find out how to cope with this problem and for this reason; I am providing you some of the golden rules in writing a good dissertation.

Following are some of the golden rules in writing a good dissertation:

Please, stick to the standard writing format:

If you don’t know what the standard writing format of the dissertation is, consult your supervisor. Every college or university has their own writing standards of dissertation and they provide it to their students but if they haven’t you should ask them.

Please, stick to the standard citing rules:

Again, this is the responsibility of your college or university which should provide you with the brief guideline in which there must be the citation rules as well. There are many types of citation styles in the world, like, MLA, APA, Harvard, Oxford etc. You have to determine which one will be used while writing the dissertation.

What would be the methodology to be employed in the dissertation?

Decide what would be suitable methodology to be used in your dissertation, these methodologies is usually known as the methods of investigation. Methodologies are decided in accordance with the nature of the topic of the dissertation, some of the commonly used are:

Qualitative method of investigation
Quantitative method of investigation
Compare and contrast method of investigation

Consulting your instructor for any further help:

You must ask your instructor for any further help if you are facing with any problem or any confusion. This rule is perhaps the most important one so far.

Don’t forget to note down any important information:

Whenever you find any useful information while collecting notes, note down it immediately to avoid going back while writing the dissertation.

Revise, revise and revise your work again and again:

English of the students is not so well, so it is better that you proof read your dissertation again and again otherwise your dissertation might create some problems for you.

Writing Up Dissertation With Some Simple Steps

Writing dissertations are sometimes the most daunting task for a student who wants their doctorate degree in their hands as they don’t know the basics of writing up dissertation resulting in a quit from their education program. This is the sole reason why we are providing you with the help to come up with a good piece of dissertation that will work for sure.

Writing up dissertations with some easy steps:

Level number 1:

Before actually start writing dissertation, you need to check your notebook to see if you have taken all the lectures during the classes and seminars and that you have the form in which they have provided you with the standard writing format for dissertation as the format for writing dissertations vary from college to college.

Level number 2:

To let you easily understand let us divide the dissertation in ten sections, first, second and third section would be in roman numerals, section one would be containing the acknowledgments, section two would be containing index page and section three would be of abstract. Four to right chapters will be further explained in the coming paragraphs. Nine will be containing appendices and tenth would be of references.

Level number 3:

Now, you have to do a deep research work relevant to the topic you have decided. Make note while going through the material.

Level number 4:

Chapter four to eight will be discussing all the research work you have done, where the first chapter would be of introduction. Your intro would be comprising of the statement of the problem and also giving the importance of the study being conducted.

Level number 5:

Now, you would be doing a review in the section literature review, search for the pertinent literature and write a review on It., here internet can be a great source to find material.

Level number 6:

Here comes the research methodology chapter, you can divide this into little segments, like, what is the population? Will you be taking interview for this dissertation?

Level number 7:

You will be underlining the final outcome of the whole dissertation in detail; this will be your result section.

Level number 8:

This is the discussion chapter where you have to discuss all the results that you derived in the above section.

Level number 9:

In level number nine, you have to provide proper references so that your work doesn't fall under the heading of plagiarism.

If you are still confused on writing dissertations than you can also consult dissertation writing services to get you out of this trouble.

Thesis vs Dissertation – Should both of them be differentiated or not?

Most among you will agree on the point: Thesis vs dissertation is same. If both, thesis and dissertation is same; then, why people want to know the difference between thesis and dissertation even definition of thesis vs dissertation i.e. “any formal discourse in speech or writing” is identical. In a broader perspective, there are some differences that exist between thesis and dissertation.

Basically, thesis is a general requirement for students to earn their Master’s degree while dissertation is the fundamental requirement for those students who want to earn a doctorate degree. The situation for thesis and dissertation reverses in a few countries where students earn Master’s degree through dissertation and doctorate degree through thesis.

Here is a list of some common difference between thesis and dissertation:

1. Original research is the cornerstone of a dissertation while thesis is usually based on information i.e. already available to you as a secondary data.

2. Thesis does not consume time as it is short whereas dissertation takes sufficient time from students to get completed.

3. Hypothesis is the fundamental requirement of a thesis while you need to concentrate on the new discoveries to infer conclusion in a dissertation.

4. Thesis is basically written by students to obtain scholarships for higher studies; however, dissertation is just written for an academic purpose.

5. Primary arguments are the main focus of students in a thesis while students focus on background research in a dissertation.

6. Addition of novel findings is a necessity for writing dissertation. In contrast to dissertation, research work serves as a base to prove your viewpoint in a thesis.

7. Thesis is more like an academic research paper while dissertation is like an academic book.

8. Dissertation is comprised of theories and arguments based on the original research while thesis is generated through hypothetical analysis of your collected data.


They were a few differences between thesis and dissertation about which an academic student should know about. Some scholars agree with the point that there is no difference between thesis and dissertation and some differentiates the two; therefore, yet the comparison of thesis vs dissertation is up in the air.

Simple Outline For Writing Thesis Dissertation

Writing a thesis dissertation requires a long time and painstaking research process, this makes the students quite spooky and bewildered as they don’t know how to come up with a good dissertation. People who doesn't know much about thesis dissertation thinks that it is somehow related to the typical introduction, body and conclusion. If you also think like that than I must tell you that a dissertation is something more than that. Let us discuss now in detail what is the basic structure of writing a thesis.

Abstract of a thesis:

Generally, abstract in thesis and dissertation is not counted in the formal word count and it should not be more than 300 to 400 words. Abstract in a thesis dissertation is basically a short summary of what should a reader expect in the coming paragraphs. Some part of the abstract should give the glimpse of the dissertation while the rest should suggest some recommendations.

Introduction in a thesis:

An introduction in a thesis dissertation is usually no more than 10 percent of the dissertation. The beginning of the thesis dissertation will underline the areas which will be covered in the coming thesis while the rest of the intro would be highlighting the goals of the dissertation.

Literature review in a thesis:

Mind it, literature review is not a review of a any book, it usually comprises of the 20 percent of the dissertation. Keep in mind to highlight at least ten references and two and three theories in your literature review. Also mention the research questions in your review.

Methodology in a thesis:

This comprises of the 20% of the thesis and dissertation, for this, you have to go back and consult the literature review to note the research questions and decide your methodology according to those questions.

Discussion in a thesis:

Constituting thirty percent of your dissertation, the discussion chapter would be divided in to two sub-categories that is; analysis of the research work and final discussion.

Conclusion in a thesis:

The conclusion chapter would also be divided into two parts, that is; the conclusion and the recommendations for future research.

References in a thesis:

Here, you will be documenting all the resources your have used in the thesis dissertation, this would not make your dissertation fall under the category of plagiarism.


Compilation of the basics concern writing a supply chain dissertation that is sure to help you get your dissertation accepted without doing much hard work!

Initially you have to understand what is supply chain? Supply chain is the system of organizations, people, technology, actions, information and resources anxiously moving items for consumption or services from supplier to consumer.

Three key parts supply chain:

1. Initially the manufacturing focus is to convert raw material into finished goods.
2. Supply focuses on the raw materials supplied to manufacturing, as well as how, when, and from what location.
3. Distribution focuses on ensure these products reach the consumers through a planned network of distributors, warehouses, and retailers.

Supply chain management (SCM) is the control of materials, information, and capital and funds as they move in a procedure from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer. Supply chain management involves coordinating and integrating these flows both within and in the middle of companies. The final goal of any successful supply chain management system is to decrease inventory (with the assumption that products are available when needed).

You will study and understand the terms of supply chain and supply chain management thoroughly. Definition into many components. By breaking the definition into more than a few parts you can shorten your topic for yourself and it would be easier for you to pick only one factor of the definition and focus your research on that component.

Dissertation Help Online is all the time waiting for your comment or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us for your enquiries.

Tax Dissertation

This article is helpful to students for following disciplines in writing tax dissertations of various temperaments in importance to their field of specialization.

Income Tax Law
Tax Law
Tax Rate
Tax Credit
Sales Tax Regulations
UK Tax Regulations
Property Tax Laws
Patent Law
Tax Online
International Tax Laws

Main factor concerned writing taxation dissertation is having a thorough understanding of the subject. though it require a substantial amount of expertise to observation on such a specialized subject, what supposed to students do to write impressive taxation dissertations? that students of the tax law are although, experts in the making but positively not EXPERTS on tax law, tax rate and tax credit issues and further on.

Conducting Research for your tax dissertation

Research is the only way to start any task. Carry out thorough literary study on the topic of taxation or tax law, uses of research methodologies and a clear understanding of dissertation writing method of critical analysis play a vital role in formative the outcome of your efforts.

Taxation Dissertation ?

To defeat the lack of knowledge and expertise, students supposed to carefully select a topic most applicable to their ongoing studies and their field of specialization. For example, a student of property tax or UK tax law should not pick sales tax as the topic / subject of his tax dissertation and vice versa. You might as well write about the up gradation of your government’s pay tax online service but then, you should have a total hold on the matter.

Writing an Abstract

It is important to know the importance of writing an abstract on such a critical subject. Initialise with stating the most important elements of the subject under discussion opting for a holistic approach.

Argument on
Tax Dissertations

This is the main body of a dissertation and requires meticulous attention whether you are writing a property tax dissertation or ascertaining the ratio of companies that don’t pay tax worldwide. It should contain your findings from research as well as a literary review of other significant researches conducted by known experts of the field. It also helps if you are writing about incorporating new techniques / laws or modifying the old ones.

Counter Argument

though a counter argument might cast a shadow of doubt over the initial argument’s premise, which acquired to sometimes add a touch of reasoning to the former based on methodical research accepted by other researchers. This may provide strong support to your conclusion of the taxation dissertation.

Critical Analysis

A methodical and unbiased analysis of the argument and counter argument would make sure a perfect exertion in writing a valuable piece of literature.

Mention References

At all times mention your references clearly and correctly in support of the substance of your thesis and to avoid any clash of interests. References must be related to the particular subject such as taxation, tax law or tax rate in this case.

Dissertation Help Online is all the time waiting for your comment or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us for your enquiries.

3 Essentials of a Literature Review Introduction

The aim of a Literature Review is to review, analyze and evaluate the studies conducted to identify gaps in the current literature review that your study aims to fill. One should adopt the idea of organizing his information into sections in the literature review than rant about it. One of the most difficult steps is to start the writing. For that reason an Introduction Phase should be given a shot before anything else. Make sure you look at a literature review example or how to write a literature review before you start. Here are three simple steps.

1st essential

Give a definition of a topic or field and the objectives of the Literature Review. Write 10 introductory sentences before you choose one that gives away the purpose of the literature review with utmost clarity to those who are not in your field.

2nd essential

Appreciate the most significant research that has been conducted on the area of work you are going to further conduct a study on. Identify the amount of work done and the gaps that were overlooked or have now formed due to changes in trends.

3rd essential

Write about trends, conflicts, themes and the conclusion that will be discussed further in the literature review. Give an indication of the division of sources that the current area of study- your literature aims to fill.

Attain clarity with your Dissertation Proposal

A dissertation, or thesis, proposal research is a statement of intention given by a graduate student. It is a brief outline in 30 pages of a proposed research project that is presented to a dissertation committee for approval. Dissertation proposals encompass a large proportion of the actual work to be done and a good proposal may take months to write.

Writing the dissertation proposal gives a chance for students to focus on their research goals and allows for them to attain clarity about the needs and methods of the project and finally predict results. Sending a dissertation proposal research out for approval by the university’s dissertation committee becomes an often demoralizing process for students.

The reasons why approval is denied are endless… what you can do is minimize risks to make sure your research proposal is original and worthy of the research- that is the area of research proposal should matter significantly for the coming future whilst being worthy of the committee’s and your time and efforts.

3 guidelines to choose a Management dissertation topic

Most students encounter Stress, depression & lack of focus while they look for a unique topic among management dissertation topics. The reasons are lack of guidance and lack of knowledge about making plans. We can’t deny the fact that choosing a good business management dissertation topic is difficult but it doesn't mean that we should lose our hope and surrender against the odds. We can always buckle up and try our best to achieve what is inevitably needed for the betterment of our future.

Let’s follow 3 easy guidelines to choose an area among management dissertations topics:

Choose the right area of management dissertation topics by gathering information from different sources such as TV, internet and books.

Note down any ideas that come to the mind whether it is the time you are working on you dissertation or not &

To consult with dissertation advisor and discuss all the facts and figures of management dissertation topics with him because, the need of a mature guideline is very important when writing a dissertation.

So, what we learned from these guidelines is to never back down from any challenge, writing business management dissertations is one of the initial hurdles of life, there are many more to come.

Read the full article: give link to main article


A bibliography is an alphabetic order of literary works you have cited. It is very important to get yourself acknowledged for honesty and legitimacy. Bibliography is the key to that. It may seem lackluster but it’s necessary for any dissertation. Understanding this fact you would want to know how to write a bibliography.

Following guidelines can help you learn how to write annotated bibliography:

The first thing to know when understanding how to write a bibliography is that you have to follow a particular approved format for all kinds of citations. Don’t wait to formulate your data until the end. Do it all along your research and analysis. Keep the central ideas of any writing in your mind. The names of he author(s) should be mentioned in alphabetical order, use (et al) for multiple writers. Months are to be abbreviated. Use dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy format. Give the exact page number along with other things. Use only the published title. Use only the city name and not the country name. Mention all publishers in descending order.

The above guidelines can help you a lot in learning how to write a bibliography.


How to write a dissertation discussion chapter? Is this what you are thinking? Gotcha … These are the answers to all such questions of yours.

A dissertation discussions chapter is a chapter of your dissertation where you can amalgamate your own ideas, research and findings in such a way that you can better acknowledge the theories and believes of other people. This can help you offer better solutions to the questions a fore you and your dissertation will be constructed in a completely articulated way.

In your dissertation discussions you have to highlight a few things to give it your desired shape. You have to put some key outcomes of your research up front. Also provide the reader with further elaboration regarding those outcomes. While writing a dissertation discussion, you should stress on the difficulties which you have faced during your research and how you have overcome those hindrances. Also give the readers an idea of the future by advising additional research patterns.

Keep your dissertation discussions chapter within the allocated limits of the specific methodology you have used.


The importance of dissertation content is often neglected by dissertation writers and students in the middle of their dissertations. That’s why their dissertations lack a sense of tidiness and order in it.

Dissertation table of contents is very important if you want to make your dissertation an easy read for your audiences. Anyone can go to any element of your dissertation very easily just because you have added a dissertation contents table.

An ideal dissertation content page will include these details.

All chapters, sections, sub-sections: the reference list: bibliography: abbreviation list: and the appendices. The tables list and illustrations must follow the table of contents and should list all of these: tables, photographs, photocopies, Xerox copies and diagrams in the order of appearance.

Adding a dissertation table of contents will take just a little more of your time but it will save you a lot more.

Dissertation Layout -A Simple Guideline

Dissertation writing isn't simple as it may sound. It’s a challenging phenomenon. That’s why; you have to plan out your dissertation with a proper dissertation layout. One of the guidelines to follow up your dissertation layouts is shown below:

1. Title page: Make a title page with your heading centralized. Then leave a few line spaces i.e. 4 or 5 and write down the name of yours, university where you study and the name of department.

2. Admittance: Thank each & every one whom you have been very thankful to for dissertation assistance.

3. Table about your subject matter: List down the topics with separate page numbers that you’re going to address in your dissertation.

4. Abstract: Abstract is important for a dissertation layout. It’s just argumentative summary about your dissertation.

5. Scheme: You have to discuss about your background knowledge in proposal through cite referrals.

6. Review about the text: Give your point of view on the researches that have been conducted in the past regarding your dissertation.

7. Research Methodology: Research methodology is that where your dissertation layout strengthens. You have to make a questionnaire, conduct surveys to come up with a strong research.

8. Conclusion: Summarizing your dissertation with structural conclusions is highly preferable.

9. Bibliography: Bibliography is used mention the references for your dissertation.

10. Appendices: It’s used only when you want to share some extra information with audience. It’s occasionally used in dissertation layouts.

In a nut shell, you have to follow the dissertation layout guidelines in turn for effective results.


To write a well managed dissertation, firstly you have to make a dissertation outline to plan all the parts of your dissertation to make sure that you don’t end up on something disastrous.

Two imperative ways to come up with valuable ideas to plan a dissertation outline:

i. Thorough research on different dissertations to come up with dissertation outlines:

To plan a dissertation outline you need to be very well aware of the various characteristics of a dissertation. For this you have to do a lot of research through internet and libraries.

ii. Understanding the basic elements of a dissertation:

Until and unless you don’t understand the basic elements of a dissertation you can’t make an outline of dissertation. The elements are as follows:

• Central theme/Background
• Statement of the problem
• Research questions
• Hypothesis or objectives of the plan in qualitative dissertations

When you write an outline for dissertation you have to make sure that you do a lot of research in order to achieve your dissertation goals.

Political Dissertation – Not a Political Concept!

Do you know that one can easily answer any question regarding what, when and how while preparing a Political dissertation? Seriously, it’s not a joke. Let’s see how?

Step Forward!

Gather the statistics of those Political systems who failed to achieve states goal with acute proofs and evaluate them to decide whether I should criticize such systems or not.
Politics to Political Science:

What? When? How? They play a major role in Politics while seeking answers to such questions develop Political science.

What is Politics?

Politics is simply:

1. Setting-up state goals.
2. Creating methods to achieve state goals.
3. Achieving state goals.
4. Decision making.
5. Evaluation of major issues.
6. Bringing relief to controversies.

Political Science

You should elaborate subdivisions of Political Science in your Political Science dissertation as follow:

1. Political Philosophy (Individuals to State Relationships)
2. Comparative Politics: (Governmental Analysis)
3. IR: (Foreign-Affairs)
4. Political Methodology: (Quantitative Political Study )
5. Public Policy: (Dealing Public Matters)
6. Public Law: (Abiding by Laws)
7. Public Administration: (Legislative Policies)

Democracy versus Dictatorship

Political research has proved that dictatorship dominates over democracy.

Biased Decisions

Biased decisions can either take a country to development or destruction but such decisions play central role in country’s growth. It’s better to mention Political risks in your Political dissertation.


You‘d have realized now that Political dissertation serves as a great hand to answer everyday life questions.

History dissertation is not a bad topic; it’s just a bit difficult

History dissertations are not as creepy as they seem to be. The subject of history has immense legendary stories of kings, Fighters, revolutionists, artists and more. It also covers different colors of cultures, religions, Political changes, economic assortments etc. thus you can pick any book on history and you will eventually get different interesting history dissertations examples and ideas.

If you are worried about how to write a history dissertation, there is no better way to get over this dilemma but to read history dissertation guide, and if you can’t get any of them you should get some history dissertation samples from your university or a local library.

Hence, History dissertation is a deep but gleeful student coursework which is focused on greatness of history and ancient subjects.

Now you know how to write a history dissertation!

Knowledge Management Dissertation won’t bother you more!

Have you been assigned to create a knowledge management dissertation? Or you have no idea where to start your dissertation on knowledge management. Don’t be nuts. Following sequel can develop your knowledge management dissertation in style:

1. What is Knowledge Management (KM)? It should be the first part of your knowledge

management dissertation to clarify the idea behind knowledge management. Knowledge management is the strategic management of objectives by organizations.

2. Elementary Objective of Knowledge Management: To improve the knowledge among organization’s work force is the most common objective of KM.

3. Operational & Knowledge Management aren’t alike! With regard to Operational management, knowledge management involves integration of outcomes to new results.

4. What are KM Processes? There are 2 KM processes:

KM Production Process: Used to obtain non-routine and new knowledge.
KM Integration Process: Used to develop new knowledge among the work force.

5. Knowledge Management Attributes: They are as follow:

a. Change Management: Organizational change.
b. Best Practices: Unique outcomes.
c. Risk Management: Error Reduction.
d. Bench marking: Motivation through rewards.

6. Knowledge Management System: In knowledge management dissertation, KM system should be incorporated. KM system is simply MIS (Management Information System).

7. 4 Opinions about KM: $ views dealing terminologies are given below

• Ethnocentric View: Advanced technologies.
• Process View: Information Exchange.
• Theoretical View: Knowledge of Truth.
• People View: People’s believes.

I hope my assistance can make you develop a unique knowledge management dissertation.


The evolution of engineering education is resolute by plentiful elements. While the support process has been the most substantial alter in current era, it is not by a blame sight a restricted subject. New engineering methods, new kinds of employers, the restructuring of industry, shifting figures of employment, and globalization all have had an effect on how engineering is structured and deported.

Here are some engineering dissertation topics that would help you to generate new ideas for your dissertation:

• Electrical Engineering Dissertations:

1. Research to develop and introduce schemes to ensure that energy consumption is efficiently used by electrical machines.
2. Development of a system to study the motors efficiency and reduce kWh usage.

• Computer Science Engineering Dissertations:

1. Research to develop e-waste systems.
2. How can learning organizations influence the development of information systems?

• Civil Engineering Dissertations:

1. Research to study properties of concrete to attain sustainability.
2. Research to evaluate the impact of sustainability on processes within an organization.

You can pick an area among these engineering dissertations topics or you can come up with your own by looking up to these.

• Mechanical Engineering Dissertations:

Mechanical Engineering dissertations deal with the design & construction of machinery.

Psychology Dissertation isn’t that much threatening!

Writing a Psychology dissertation is not an easy task. It requires creative thinking from your side to develop an exclusive Psychology Dissertation. Artistic thinking can make you develop a terrific Psychology Dissertation. Let’s see how:

What is Psychology?

Evaluative study of human nature, ethics, society, sensation & perception, learning, memory and cognition reflects Psychology.

Emotional Terms

Psychology dissertation examples are easier to develop if you cope up with the following:

1. Human Nature: Indication of Inheritance
2. Ethics: Good or Bad conduct.
3. Society: Bio-Network.
4. Sensation and Perception: Purpose & Working and sense organs respectively.
5. Learning: Knowledge Enhancement.
6. Memory: Information Exchange Processes.
7. Noesis: Psychological Outcomes.

Psychological Visions

It has been a long debate that whether Psychology should be part of philosophy or physiology. Recently, it has been associated as a separate science (Behavioral Science). Other visions were to associate it with soul or mental life. It’s a good idea to include these visions in your Psychology dissertation.

Core Branches

Psychology dissertations look irregular without incorporating its core branches to analyze mental Shifts, youth behaviors, information exchange, mental disorders, mind, developmental changes, emotional feelings, language generation, personality, non-human animals through Abnormal Psychology, Adult Psychology, Biological Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Energy Psychology, Language Psychology, Personality Psychology and Physiological Psychology.


I am sure now you can develop your Psychology dissertation easily.

You have to act shrewdly when choosing a high-quality Economic Dissertation for yourself

When it comes to economics dissertation writing for your degree, you need to understand the basic outlines of economics dissertations prior to start the dissertation.

You will be required to decide among economic dissertation topics first, and then you can split your dissertation into the following parts.

1. Title Page
2. conceptual
3. Literature evaluation
4. Research drawing
5. Methodological analysis
6. Conclusion and Limitation
7. Recommendation for further research
8. References
9. Appendices

Apart from the basic constituents of economics dissertations, the most imperative issue is to select an ideal topic among diverse economic dissertation topics. Deciding an economic dissertation topic could be a complicated task, but with proper guidelines, you can pick the best dissertation topic for yourself. But before making a decision, don’t forget to consult the economic dissertation topics with your friends and especially your advisor.

Qualitative Research Dissertation’s Dissection

Have you been asked to submit a qualitative research dissertation? Is it making you feel nervous; then you shouldn't be panic as this article is going to assist you a lot in your qualitative dissertation.

Research is Defined: A scientific technique to explore knowledge.

Which research is better: Qualitative or Quantitative?

In your qualitative research dissertation, you should compare qualitative and quantitative research dissertation in order to give your audience an idea which kind of a research dominates more. Due to flexibility and open-ended ideas, qualitative research overlooks quantitative research in terms of solutions.

Sampling Methods

Sampling methods are vital for qualitative research dissertation. They involve:

1. Goal-Directed Sampling: Purposive Sample Research.

2. Allotment Sampling: Segmentation based Research.

3. Snowball Sampling: Researching unknown people.

Ethical Rule of thumb

3 guidelines serve as a helping hand to researcher while conducting research. They are:

1. Freedom of speech

2. Benevolence

3. Fairness for all

Qualitative Research Methods

Qualitative research methods are:

1. Participants Observation: (Study of Natural Behavior)

2. Deep Interviews: (Seeking problems regarding busy lifestyles)

3. Focus Groups: (Group Interviews)

Benefits of Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is beneficial as it’s based on

• Open environment.

• Unanticipated.

• Exploratory


Preceding terminologies are an exclusive necessity of any qualitative research dissertation.

Solid Ways of Planning Dissertation

For every student, dissertation is that part of academic studies which should not be overlooked. Therefore, planning dissertation is also that important matter which should also be not overlooked as well. You must consider dissertation plan before going into dissertation writing.

You should make a habit of daily routine while planning dissertation writing. Make a balance habit of sleeping, having a social life and dissertation writing. Secondly, it is important to select a dissertation topic according to your interest when planning a dissertation for yourself.

Thirdly, for planning dissertations, make sure that you collect all the related documents and notes before you actually start writing your dissertation. It is also very important for planning dissertation that you manage your time and give a proper time to your dissertation writing.

Last but not least, it is really very necessary to take part in extracurricular activities like sports, video games for better health of body and mind during the dissertation writing.

Read the full article: give a link to main article.

How one should make a Unique Literature Dissertation!

If you have been asked to prepare English literature dissertation and you are in a world of loss to make up your mind whether my English literature dissertation topics will give a bright look to my literature dissertation or not; then you shouldn’t baffle anymore. Just follow the points below in order to make an exceptional literature dissertation for you:

English literature dissertations should start with the definition of literature. Define literature in your own words such as: English written work which gives pleasant feeling is literature.

Read the literature of famous authors like Charles Dickens, William Makepeach, Thackeray’s, Bronte sisters, Oscar Wilde’s, and Rudyard Kipling to develop literary concepts.

Literatures of such authors serve as a helping hand in literature dissertations.

You should be well aware of dissertation writing styles such as Harvard, Oxford, APA, MLA or MHRA. Confer with your Professor to select an appropriate style for your literature dissertation MLA style is characterized to be best for literature dissertation.

After doing all the hard work for your literature dissertation, you should asses it through proof-reading.

After reading the preceding points, you won’t be feeling tiresome and have faith enhanced within you.

Now you can make your Impossible IT Dissertation Possible

You can’t create IT dissertations until you are sure about the fact that data you have gathered related to information systems is reliable or not. Of course, there is a lot of plagiarized stuff available online; it’s hard to determine whether it’s safer to incorporate such stuff in your IT dissertation or not. Don’t worry as following IT dissertation topics will assist you to create a unique IT dissertation:

E-Marketing Defined

E-marketing should be the major part of your IT dissertation. Internet marketing serves as a common resource for marketers to bring value online to the customers and maintain strong relationship with them in order to get something in return.

What manages the workstation?

Organizations manage their work station systems with the help of unique tools like FileWave, LANrev, RadMind, LANDesk and Altiris. Such software management tools can give your IT dissertations a creative look.

What is E-Commerce?

The common technique which the businesses and consumer adopt for making transactions online is of E-Commerce. Although, it involves B2B, B2C, C2B and C2C transactions but the most widely used e-commerce deals with B2B and B2C.

Promising Future of IT

IT has become one of the most prominent business industries now. Countries like Denmark, Sweden, USA and Canada are competing with each other to grab the #1 spot in the IT Business which means prospective of IT is very promising.


All preceding discussion will serve you a helping hand to create unique IT dissertations.


This article explores the subject of affordable housing dissertations and the subprogram of exclusionary and inclusionary districting. I’ll guide you on how to write a housing dissertation focusing; “lack of affordable housing in the United Kingdom” topic which is a severe and growing crisis with no solution in vision.

Before you can start your hosing dissertation you must prepare a dissertation outline which should look like this;


i. Preface

ii. Chronicle of Affordable Housing

iii. Background of Zoning Laws and Zoning Power

iv. Legal Issues Invoked by Zoning

v. Exclusionary Housing

vi. Inclusionary Housing

vii. Economic and Social Entailments of Exclusionary and Inclusionary Housing

viii. Closings

Here’s how your inexpensive housing dissertation plan should look like;


• Outline a well-grounded proposal for housing dissertations

• Title page with a comprehensive and tough statement

• prologue, acknowledgements and table of contents should be rendered

• Enlist the charts, forms, symbols and descriptors.

• Abstract (a synopsis of your housing dissertation)

• Introduction

• Imagery of Affordable Housing

• Environment of Zoning Laws and Zoning Power

• Exclusionary and Inclusionary housing System

• Authorized Issues Aroused by Zoning

• Social and Economic Entailments of Exclusionary and Inclusionary Housing

• Hypothesis

• Analysis

• Findings

I hope this article concisely taught you how to write a fine housing dissertations. Have a nice writing!

Some ideas for graphic design dissertation

In today’s age, graphic design dissertation is not limited to graphic design only; it has gone unlimited to nearly all areas of educational studies. In order to make your graphic design dissertation interesting, understandable and lively for the reader, you need to put graphs, diagrams, pictures and charts.

Graphic design dissertation topic selection is very frantic work before going into the real dissertation writing. But, it is very important to select a topic according to your area of interest which you focused on throughout your course work. Selection of a right topic will help you to further your professional career.

Among different graphic design dissertations topic, once your topic is approved, some practical ideas for graphic design dissertation can help you in achieving your dissertation goals. In order to succeed, you need to remember these graphic design dissertation ideas when you are in a phase of writing your dissertation on any topic of graphic design.

Plan and organize everything related to your dissertation.

Find already written dissertation related to your graphic design dissertation topic and check them thoroughly.

Read and edit your dissertation multiple times.

Always create backup copies of your graphic design dissertation.

If your follow the above graphic design dissertations ideas, they will definitely help you to complete your dissertation successfully. You will not go out of the track and will easily meet the deadline.


Usually when we chat about computer science dissertation we chat about wireless technology, local area networks, internet, database application, ERP or Computer programming and artificial applications. But when we have a discussion about gaming computer science dissertations, we wrap up all of the vistas of computer sciences into one subject.


The earliest known interactive electronic game was by Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann on a cathode ray tube. The patent was filed on January 25, 1947 and issued on December 14, 1948. The game was a missile simulator inspired by radar displays from World War II. It used analog circuitry, not digital, to control the CRT beam and position a dot on the screen. Screen overlays were used for targets since graphics could not be drawn at the time. (According to Wikipedia)


In your gaming computer science dissertation you shall converse in relation to online gaming precisely. There are many online games that have rocked the gaming fans. Some of them are; Counter strike, World of war craft and Halo 3. The best part about online gaming is; you can have a chat with your team players or your opponents via text or voice at the same time when you are engaged in playing the game.

Thus, Gaming computer science dissertation is one of those subjects which are real fun to present while gaining in-depth scientific knowledge.

Free Topics Help on Arts Dissertation

In the following article we are going to provide you all the help you need with your art dissertation for free.

Here is the description of art dissertations and all of its components and segments
Selecting of topic:

The first part of writing an art dissertation is deciding a particular topic your dissertation is going to be grounded upon. You have to be very peculiar while picking out the topic of your dissertation. Here are some of the topics that you can use according to your wish.

• Visual art study

• Art dissertation on Sculpture

• Abstract art philosophy

• A discussion on art philosophy

• Street art dissertations

This list can go on and on but it’s time to move to the other components of a dissertation.

The primary step for any type of writing is research, which firstly provides a particular theme and in the end lends important material required for the main thesis.

This elementary segment of the art dissertation needs to have the following sub segments.

The assertive argument is established abreast genuine findings of your research as well as your own analysis of the research.

In this part you have to sagaciously supply contradictory reasoning in comparison to the assertive debate.

In this part, you would be required to present the conclusions of your research taking into account all the important factors of the topic.