Download Dissertations

Should You Download Dissertations to Succeed or Fail?

Before you download dissertations, you decide what kind of help you would be getting with such dissertations. You can either use them to help you write your own dissertation or use them to fail miserably. So… are you ready to know how you can succeed or fail? Well – keep reading…

So, when you download dissertations, how can you succeed? There are two things you can do. First of all, you can use them for reference purpose. You can go through prewritten dissertations, on a topic similar to yours, to see what others have written and where they collected their information from. You will then be able to use their references to find information for your own dissertation.

Secondly, after you download dissertations and go through them, you will learn to organize your own after you are done. You will see and learn how different parts of a dissertation are combined together.

Now – How can you fail after you download dissertations? If you download dissertation and turn it in as your own, you will get caught eventually and, consequently, fail miserably. Anti Plagiarism Software can easily detect if a dissertation has been plagiarized or not.

Even if you make a few changes to it, after you download dissertation, you will still get caught on plagiarism. Your dissertation must be written in your own words with your own explanations.

So, never think about copying when you download dissertations. Stay away from plagiarism completely. You don’t want to get caught and ruin your credibility. Get some dissertation help from your supervisor. When you start writing, divide your dissertation into small chunks and think of each part as a separate assignment. Then simply start writing after collecting information relevant to the theme of your dissertation. Dissertation writing requires effective time management skills and in-depth research skills. With that… you will be done before you know it.

Undergraduate Dissertation

How Can You Plagiarize Your Undergraduate Dissertation Unintentionally?

You may plagiarize your undergraduate dissertation easily if you use someone else’s thoughts and present them as your own. When you write an undergraduate dissertation, you have to carefully provide all the references. You carry out a research and collect information from different sources, so when you use someone else’s ideas, you must acknowledge where you received the information from. If you fail to do so, your undergraduate dissertation will be considered as plagiarized.

This is what you should be careful about or else you will end up plagiarizing your undergraduate dissertation unintentionally:
  • If you write sentences or include phrases from other authors in your undergraduate dissertation without using quotation marks and providing proper references.
  • If you paraphrase the work of other authors, meaning present it in your own words in your undergraduate dissertation without mentioning appropriate references.
  • If you copy another student’s work and present it as your own work.
  • If you take arguments and evidence from other authors in your undergraduate dissertation without appropriate references.
  • If you simply download the work of different authors from the internet and present it in your undergraduate dissertation as you own without proper references.

Then… your undergraduate dissertation will eventually get caught and you will end up wasting time and money along with losing credibility. Find out what writing style you will have to use in your undergraduate dissertation. For example, APA, MLA, etc. and then make sure you learn how to cite references correctly that you will collect from different sources

Masters Dissertation Topic

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Select a Masters Dissertation Topic
Are you ready to come up with an interesting Masters Dissertation topic that not only will you find interesting but which will also keep you focused? If so, then I am about to discuss with you that how you can select a masters dissertation topic. But before we do that, I must tell you if you are currently taking graduate courses then this is the best time to select a topic as it will be easier to come up with a possible topic.

1. Organize Your Masters Dissertation Topic Research:

Keep track of your masters dissertation research and keep it organized. This way you won’t have to look for the same matter again and it will prevent you from wasting your time. The more organized your dissertation topic research is, the earlier you will be able to select a topic. Don’t make the process painful by looking for the same matter or files again

2. Find an Interesting Masters Dissertation Topic:

If your masters dissertation topic is not interesting, the chances are you will end up procrastinating. You might even end up giving up your dissertation and degree. Write down when you find something interesting. Always take notes when you listen to lectures as you might find an interesting idea for your masters dissertation topic. Therefore, keep a notebook with you and write down whenever you find something interesting, that you think could possibly be used as a topic.

3. Make Sure Your Masters Dissertation Topic is Original:

In order to come up with something original you need to know what has been found and studied before and then identify the gaps in knowledge in your field. Once you know how these gaps can be filled, you will be able to come up with a topic.

So, now you can come up with a masters dissertation topic. Your dissertation doesn’t only require research; your dissertation topic requires in-depth research as well. Get ready to do an in-depth research, select a topic, complete your dissertation and earn your degree.

Dissertation Papers

How to get your dissertation paper published?

After completing a dissertation paper, most students want to know how to get it published. First of all, you should own the copyright. So bind your dissertation paper and then fill out the copyright form. If you live in the UK then submit the form and the required number of bound copies to The British Library. If you live in the US then submit the form and the required number of bound copies to The Library of Congress.

When you are ready to get your dissertation paper published, talk to your advisor and seek his advice. It will be difficult to publish your non-fiction dissertation paper work without previous experience of publication. Your advisor will not only guide you but will also help you revise your dissertation paper according to the requirements of the publisher.

You have three options to choose from in order to get your dissertation paper published:

1) Publish Your Dissertation Paper in a Journal:

Find a suitable journal for your dissertation paper. In order to find one, go through their guidelines and find out their requirements and what kind of content they are looking for. Check if you can publish your complete dissertation paper or only some part of it. Also find out what their submission guidelines are. For example, if they are looking for content related to your filed of study or not, or if they only want experienced authors whose works have previously been published, etc. After going through the details submit your work and wait for their reply. They will review your work and inform you. If it’s not accepted, go for another journal.

2) Publish Your Dissertation Paper as a Book:

Find a publisher who specializes in publishing dissertation papers in your field of study. Make your dissertation paper look like a book. It will require thorough revision and editing if you are getting your dissertation paper published for general public. I advise you to consult with academic publishers as well. You will first have to submit a book proposal to a publisher. Your book proposal will explain what sort of material you want to publish. Make sure you don’t submit your complete manuscript unless they are interested.

3) Self-Publishing:

If you only need to have some bound copies of your dissertation paper that you can share with others then you may use something like
So, when you are ready to get your dissertation paper published, choose the option that best suits your needs. Talk to your advisor about it as well as they will unquestionably guide you in the right direction.


Thesis/Dissertation Simplified – Learn how Dissertation and Thesis are Different

How can you write your Thesis/Dissertation when you don’t know the difference between a dissertation and thesis? How can you write your thesis/dissertation if you don’t know the difference between a thesis/dissertation and thesis statement? How can you write your thesis/dissertation if you don’t know the difference between a Master’s and PhD thesis/dissertation?

The answer to all these questions is, “You can’t write your thesis/dissertation, PERIOD”. It is because you simply can’t write when you don’t know what to write. Let’s now learn how they differ from each other:

Dissertation and Thesis – How do they differ?

The difference between a dissertation and thesis is fairly simple:

If you are in the US: You write a dissertation if you are doing your PhD and you write a thesis if you are in Master’s program.

If you are in the UK: You write a thesis if you are doing your PhD and you write a dissertation if you are in Master’s program.

Thesis/Dissertation and Thesis Statement – How do they differ?

As we now know how dissertation and thesis differ, we now need to understand what a thesis statement is in order to know the difference between a thesis/dissertation and thesis statement.

A thesis statement defines your main argument. It shows what you believe, what you want you readers to know and what you want to prove. It basically states your point of view and summarizes your argument you will make in your paper. It is usually stated in one sentence after a brief introduction.

Master’s and PhD Thesis/Dissertation – How do they differ?

Master’s Thesis/Dissertation: You do a thorough research on a particular topic and present your discourse depending on what type of information you have collected on the subject with your views on it.

PhD Thesis/Dissertation: It requires your original research and adds something new to the existing literature. It usually takes many years to complete it.
So, you have now understood the difference between a dissertation and thesis, thesis/dissertation and thesis statement & Master’s and PhD thesis/dissertation. The words Dissertation and thesis are, however, often used interchangeably so make sure you know what you have to write.