University Dissertation

What if…You Have to Complete Your University Dissertation in 7 Days and You Have Yet to Write 10,000 Words?

If you have to write your 10,000 words university dissertation in 7 days and you are thinking, “Why oh why didn’t I start earlier?” then I want you to relax and do not panic. You still have time to complete your university dissertation in time. It won’t be easy, of course, but it is not impossible. Let me tell you how you can complete your 10,000 words university dissertation in time.

Narrow Down Your University Dissertation Writing Process:

You have to write 10,000 words in seven days for your university dissertation. You should consider writing your dissertation in 5 days and leave the last two days for binding your dissertation. You don’t really need 2 days to bind. So, get it bound on the sixth and don’t assign any task for the seventh day. The reason behind that is if you couldn’t manage to write your dissertation in five days then you will have one extra day which will serve as a life savior.

Divide Your University Dissertation Research & Writing in Days:

Divide your work in days to facilitate your university dissertation writing process. You should write your dissertation in first 5 days. You have two choices:
  • You can write 2000 words everyday, which means 8 pages per day as each page will contain 250 words. In this case, you will have to both research and write everyday.
  • If you don’t want to do research everyday then you can carry out an in-depth research in first 2 days and write your dissertation in next 3 days. This way, you will have to write around 3300 word everyday, which means 13-14 pages per day.

    Choose one of the options that will work for you.

Ask Your Friends to Help You with Research:

It’s about time you ask some of your friends to provide you some dissertation help. This will allow you to collect sufficient matter for your dissertation and most certainly facilitate your dissertation writing process. So, pick up the phone and call a few friends.

Take Rest and Drink Coffee:

Drink coffee and take sleep when you feel tired. If you are thinking that you won’t sleep at all, then you will adversely affect your productivity. Sleep less but do get some sleep.

Get Your Dissertation Bound:

After you finish writing your dissertation, it’s time you get it bound. Find out if it can be bound in the reprographics department. You want to make sure it’s not closed the day you want to get your dissertation bound.

Tough, huh? Well, I never said writing your university dissertation in a week would be easy. But the good thing is that you still have time and you can still write it. So, do not procrastinate anymore and start your university dissertation now!!!

4 Common MSc Dissertation Writing Problems Resolved

Writing an MSc dissertation is not an easy task. When I say it’s not easy, I don’t want you to be scared. Rather, I want you to be prepared. You need to get ready to do a lot of research. You also need to have a proper plan and proceed further step by step in an organized way in order to complete your MSc dissertation on-time, successfully. I am now going to discuss 4 common problems, with their possible solutions, most students face when they start writing their MSc dissertations. The solutions will serve as a guideline and will allow you to know what necessary steps you need to take when you write your MSc dissertation in order to earn your postgraduate degree.

1) Idea Development:

This is the part where you should get ready to struggle a lot. Idea development for your MSc dissertation is not easy. You need to make sure that your MSc dissertation topic fascinates you. If you don’t find it interesting, the chances are you will end up procrastinating. Write down the possible topics when you listen to lectures, read books and articles. You must talk to your advisor, professors and classmates about it as well. This will help you to come up with an interesting topic for your MSc dissertation and will keep you on track as well.

2) MSc Dissertation Written in the First Person:

Your MSc dissertation should be in the third person. You must, however, check your university guidelines and also discuss with your advisor. You need to confirm the right way of writing your MSc dissertation. If you are told to avoid saying “I”, then it must be avoided. So, check the university guidelines and talk to your advisor.

3) How Long Should Your MSc Dissertation Be?

You can confirm the length of your MSc dissertation by checking your university guidelines and asking your advisor. Do not make assumptions that you will have to write fifteen or twenty thousand words. Check and confirm the length because you might have to write twelve thousand words and you might be scared thinking that you would have to write twenty thousand. Also, understand the structure of your MSc dissertation. Because it is designed in such a way that you finally end up writing the desired number of words, of course with thorough research.

4) Online MSc Dissertation Archives:

MSc dissertations written by pervious students can help you find relevant sources for your own dissertation. This should be the soul reason behind finding online MSc dissertations. Here is a link to some dissertations:

All the solutions mentioned above are vital to completing your MSc dissertation successfully. Once you know what you have to do and what steps you need to take, you will be able to write your MSc dissertation easily and confidently.

3 Tips for Writing Your PhD Dissertation

When you write your PhD dissertation, it has to be original and unique. You have to discuss an uninvestigated problem. It’s not easy but not impossible either. Stay away from copy-pasting completely and stay in touch with your advisor, professors and classmates as much as possible. Let’s now discuss 3 Tips that will help you with your PhD dissertation writing process.

  1. When you are ready to start your PhD dissertation, choose a fascinating topic. Choose something that can make you scream with happiness and willingness when discussed. It won’t be easy to come up with such a topic; however, you must strive to find something interesting. You must also consider the job market. Choose a topic that will give you an edge when you are ready to apply for a job.
  2. Your PhD dissertation doesn’t have to be related to your Master’s dissertation topic in any way. They can be totally different. If you want to choose a different theme or topic as compared to your Master’s dissertation, then you may most certainly do so. PhD dissertation is a considerably different and focused work which requires freshness, uniqueness and originality. Your Master’s dissertation can give you a starting point though. However, your PhD dissertation doesn’t necessarily have to be related to your Master’s dissertation at all.
  3. How long your PhD dissertation should take depends entirely on you. If you are focused, have a definite plan and stick to it then you may complete your PhD dissertation in less than a year. If your PhD dissertation requires 2, 3 years of observation then of course you can’t finish it in a year but under normal circumstances, with a definite plan, it shouldn’t take more than a year. It’s a must to have a definite plan.

Your PhD dissertation has to be new and something that was not researched before. Again, it’s not easy but it’s not impossible either. If other students can complete their PhD dissertations successfully and earn their degrees then why can’t you? All you need is dedication. So, get ready to write your PhD dissertation Now!!!

4 Common Problems Students Face When They Write Dissertation

When students write dissertations, they always look for ways that can help them write a dissertation successfully. Along with that you should also know what common problems students face when they write a dissertation and how you can avoid them. I am going to highlight 4 common problems faced by students when they are ready to write a dissertation. These problems can prevent you from completing your dissertation successfully. Let’s see what these problems are and how you can avoid them:

Broad Topic:

When students begin to write a dissertation, they have a tendency to go for a broad topic. It sounds appealing but eventually it becomes difficult to manage a broadly defined project. When you work on a broadly defined project, you basically touch many different projects and don’t concentrate on one. Try to choose a specific and narrowly defined project as it will allow you to write a dissertation successfully and complete it on time.

Ordinary Research Skills:

In order to write a dissertation, you must carry out an in-depth research. Don’t think that only a few resources will help you complete your dissertation. You should have access to both online and offline resources that will enable you to collect ample material for your dissertation. You must collect as much information as possible. Turn your ordinary research skills into extra-ordinary research skills by going through all kinds of resources like online dissertation archives, online libraries, local libraries and previous dissertations in your school library. Also, talk to your classmates about your assignment, stay in touch with your advisor, talk to professors in your department and talk to your friends who have completed their dissertations. This will enable you to collect ample matter for your dissertation.

Confusion With Writing Style & Citing Sources:

There are different types of writing styles like MLA, APA, etc. They all have different ways of citing sources. If you have to write dissertation in the APA writing style then you will have to thoroughly understand the different methods of citing sources. The way of citing sources changes depending on where you have collected the material from. Therefore, refer to the writing manual for writing style and how sources are cited. Make sure you refer to the Latest manual to ensure that you cite your sources correctly.

Giving up Your Master’s or PhD Just Because You Are Not Adept at Writing:

A lot of students don’t go for their Master’s or PhD just because they fear they will have to write a dissertation and they are not skilled writers. Your dissertation is simply an assignment. Is it wise to give up your degree just because of an assignment? Yes I understand that it might be the most difficult assignment for you but you can’t allow it to keep you away from your degree. You can only enhance your writing skills when you start writing. Therefore, start writing your dissertation and you will notice improvement as your proceed further.
When you write dissertation, it is crucial to know what problems you might face eventually. This will enable you to prepare ahead of time and know how to overcome obstacles that might prevent you from completing your dissertation and getting your degree.

How to Facilitate Your Dissertation Writing Process?

Dissertation writing can be a lot of fun if you can only find someone to write it for you। But when you write your own dissertation it can still be fun if you know what necessary steps you should take. Let’s discuss the strategies that can help you facilitate your dissertation writing process.

  • First of all, choose a fascinating topic। Something that will keep you captivated, something that will motivate you to find more and write more. However, it won’t be easy to come up with an interesting topic. So, Keep a small notebook with you all the time. When you are reading an article or listening to a lecture, just write down the topics that you find interesting.
  • Idea development is the part where you will struggle a lot। Along with reading articles and listening to lectures, talk to your classmates about various ideas as well. Always make sure you write down their suggestions and see which idea thrills you the most.
  • Do not limit yourself to your friends and family members। If you have to get the opinion of various people on something, do not hesitate to ask people you don’t even know. You can even do that through online surveys and discussion forums and groups.
  • Make up your mind that you won’t procrastinate at all. No matter how difficult it gets, you will continue to strive hard. Always think about your degree. Your dissertation is simply a ladder that takes you to your degree.

    Make a plan that how you will write your dissertation and make sure you stick to it। Dissertation writing requires you to be persistent. So, never give up.

Dissertation writing requires dedication. Without dedication you won’t be able to go far. However, with dedication you will also require an interesting topic as it will keep you on track. If you find the topic interesting, then it will enable you to carry out an in-depth research because in-depth research is the key to writing your dissertation successfully. Along with that, follow the tips mentioned above and you will be on your way to writing your dissertation productively.

Tips for Getting the Best out of Literature Review Samples

Literature review is an extremely crucial part of your dissertation. A lot of students get confused when they start writing a literature review because they face trouble understanding the difference between a literature review and an annotated bibliography. Also, sometimes just knowing the guidelines doesn’t help. You have to look for something similar in order to understand what needs to be done. It’s the same with literature review and, therefore, students look for literature review samples to see how to write one। Let’s now discuss how you can get the best out of literature review samples.

  • Understand the Difference between a Literature Review and an Annotated Bibliography:
    As you must have heard numerous times that your literature review is a list of sources pertinent to the theme of your area of research and it describes, summarizes and critically evaluates each work। Where as an annotated bibliography is an alphabetical list of sources that you researched. Other than containing bibliographic data, it also contains a brief summary of each source and some measurement of its significance. But being able to see a literature review sample will allow you to understand the exact difference between a literature review and an annotated bibliography. So, if you are confused about writing your literature review, just get a sample.
  • Explore New Sources:
    If you are having trouble finding sources relevant to the theme and topic of your own dissertation then “literature review samples” is the right choice to explore new and authentic sources। You will, of course, have to find a literature review sample close to the theme of your dissertation. This will allow you to quickly access new resources and utilize them for your own benefit.
  • Learn to Organize your Literature Review:
    Going thru the literature review samples will enable you to learn how to organize your literature review. Just by reading a few literature reviews, you will know how everything is written in a proper way. This will allow you to embellish your literature review with a great look.

    As we can see that looking for literature review samples can be extremely advantageous. It can provide you with many sources that will enable you to broaden your search and find more relevant matter. Knowing how to write one, by going thru literature review samples, will enable you to write your literature review confidently.

Things You Must Know About Literature Review Presentation

So, you have to give a literature review presentation and you need to know how you may achieve the best possible result. First of all, you need to find out about the duration of your literature review presentation. You might have to give a 15-minute presentation or a 10-minute presentation, etc. You can’t be certain until you find out from your instructor. But let’s say you are allowed a maximum of 20 minutes, you should then prepare your talk for 13-15 minutes as it will give you time for questions as well.

In your literature review presentation you share with your classmates the results of your project and a summary of the imperative ideas in your literature. But, of course, you can’t cover everything in such a short period of time. You should talk about the reason behind choosing your topic, what makes it important and interesting, give important points to help your audience understand the theme of your presentation clearly, provide details that can help understand the issues in the literature, include and discuss material that will show how your study supports your thesis statement, support your reasons using previous research but your main emphasis should be on the reason and not on previous research, etc. Check the guidelines provided by your instructor to make sure you cover everything required.

When you present your literature review, other than information, your presentation skills are also checked. Make sure you practice your presentation as it will enable you to understand how much you can say in the time allotted to you. Ask a friend to listen to your presentation. Get their feedback and try to improve where you lack. Therefore, before your presentation, you must practice, practice and practice.

If you want to use any visual aids for your literature review presentation then you must inform your instructor ahead of time. You can use PowerPoint presentation but do not just read what is written on the slide. Your PowerPoint presentation should only highlight the main points of your presentation.

When you present your literature review, there is no need to speak in a formal way. Instead, talk in a conversational way. Make sure you enunciate all the words correctly. Speak slowly and loudly so everyone will be able to hear you and understand you.
Follow the important points mentioned here to present your literature review productively. Also, make sure you check the date that when you have to give your literature review presentation. See how much time you have and practice as much as you can.

Tips for Acquiring Literature Review Examples

If you are ready to write your dissertation then looking at approved literature review examples of previous students will enable you to write your literature review easily। Literature review contains and analyzes research conducted in the past on a given topic. You should first consult with your advisor regarding how to write it and what it should contain. After this, when you go through a few literature review examples, you will know exactly what to do. Now, let’s see how you can acquire literature review examples:

  • Refer to your school library for literature review examples। They will have dissertations written by previous students. Choose the ones pertinent to your topic and go through the literature reviews to see how you can embellish yours with valuable information.
  • You may also ask some of the professors in your department for their dissertations। When you are provided with their dissertations, make sure you thank them and get ready to explain what you found fascinating about their research.
  • You can also ask a friend, who has written a dissertation before, to give you a copy of his work। Your friends will also be able to give you some valuable suggestions regarding literature review.
  • Look for free online dissertation archives. After you access online dissertation archives, you will be able to get some literature review examples for your own literature review. Here is a link to some online dissertations: [At the web site of Brunel University West London, you will find a few examples of dissertation]

Literature review examples can be extremely beneficial in terms of getting numerous references. You will not only learn to organize your literature review but will also get access to many valuable sources for your literature review and dissertation. So, acquire literature review examples, do thorough research, complete your dissertation via some dissertation help and earn your long-awaited degree!!

Are you looking for Dissertation Examples? Help is Here!!

When students start writing their dissertations, they always look for dissertation examples that can help them with their writing. There are actually two kinds of dissertation examples. You need to know what they are so you will know what you are exactly looking for. You can either use one type or both types of dissertation examples for your own convenience. Let’s now discuss both types in detail and how they can help you.

1) Dissertation Examples – Directly Related to Your Dissertation:

When students start writing dissertations, they get confused and nervous all the time. They first problem that they face is that they can’t even come up with a good topic. This is where they actually start looking for examples. Then at almost each and every phase, they need some sort of dissertation examples that could help them complete a particular part of their dissertation. You might look for examples when you have to choose a topic, write a thesis statement, complete your literature review, decide the theme for your dissertation, etc.

The best way of getting dissertation examples for your dissertation is to talk to your advisor and colleagues. All the dissertation examples that they provide, just write them down. This will allow you to go through all these dissertation examples and find the best possible solution to your dissertation problem. So, keep asking some of your professors in your department and your friends for more and more examples.

2) Dissertation Examples – Successfully Completed Dissertations:

The second type of dissertation examples that students look for are the successfully completed dissertations by previous students. Previously written dissertations can be beneficial if you use them for reference purposes only. The only reason behind looking for this type of dissertation example should be to see how dissertations are written and how different parts of it are put together. Even though the guidelines of different university vary, you will simply get an idea that how your dissertation should be.

Visit your university library for dissertation examples. If you don’t find, in your library, what you are looking for then you may search for dissertation examples on Google. At you will be able to buy previously written dissertations. So, searching online for dissertation examples can be immensely advantageous for you.

But remember, you can’t solely rely on dissertation examples in order to complete your dissertation. These examples may, however, give you an idea that how a particular part of your dissertation is written or what you should write, but it is your thorough research that enables you to complete your dissertation successfully. So, look for dissertation examples, do thorough research, write your dissertation and finally get your degree!!

APA Dissertation Citations Made Easy

When you cite sources in your dissertation using the APA format, it is known as the APA dissertation citations. Like all other writing styles, the method of APA dissertation citations must be understood and followed in order to complete your dissertation productively. If you are told to use the APA writing style and you fail to cite the sources in APA dissertation citations format then your dissertation will not be approved. Therefore, it is critical to understand the APA dissertation citations thoroughly.

Now, the question is why to cite sources? The answer is that when you write your dissertation, you have to refer to the research of other authors and if you use their ideas or findings then you must mention where you got the certain facts from, for example, whether you received the information from a book, journal, article, website, encyclopedia, etc. This way your readers will be able to use the sources in your dissertation citations for their own research and it will prove the authenticity of your text as well.

So, if you are using the APA writing style then you must cite the sources using the APA dissertation citations format. Two commonly used types of APA dissertation citations are citations within the text and the Reference page.

APA Dissertation Citations – Within the Text:

Citations within the text are short citations that consist of the name of the author or authors and the date of publication. You find the complete details of the source on the reference page which can be found at the end of the document. Include the surname of the author first then put a comma and then the year of publication in round brackets. If you want to be more specific then you may include page numbers as well. If you took the information from a web page then mention the paragraph number with the abbreviation para.

For example: (Kline, 2000, pp. 26-27)

APA Dissertation Citations – Reference Page:

The reference page is also known as the works cited page or the bibliography. It is an important part of your dissertation. Reference page is the last part of your dissertation. It shows each source that the author used in the dissertation.


When you cite a book, follow this order: Start with the name of the author. Date of publication in brackets. Title: Subtitle (Italicized) (edition). (volumes). Place of publication: Publisher.

Matthews, J. (1999). The art of childhood and adolescence: The construction of meaning. London: Falmer Press.

Buss, A. H. (1980). Self-consciousness and social anxiety. San Francisco: W. H. Freeman.

Journal Articles:

When you cite an article, follow this order: Author name. (Publication date). Title of article: Subtitle of article (if available). Title of journal, volume number (Italicized) (issue number), page number(s) of journal.

Lacayo, R. (1991, April 22). Global warming: A new warning. Time, 137(16), 32.

Parker, G., & Roy, K. (2001). Adolescent depression: A review. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry, 35, 572-580.


When you cite a website, follow this order: Author name. (Publication date). Article title. Periodical title (Italicized) (edition). Retrieved month day, year, from source.

Goldberg, I. (2000). Dr. Ivan's depression central. Retrieved November 21, 2001, from

Pellegrino, J. (n.d.). Seamus Heaney. Retrieved October 4, 1999, from the Internet Poetry Archive Website:

n.d. stands for ‘no date’.

Encyclopedia Article:

When you cite an encyclopedia, use this order: Author who has written the part. (Date of publication). Chapter or Part title. In title of collection (Vol., Page numbers). Place of publication: Publisher.

Bergman, P. G. (1993). Relativity. In The new encyclopedia Britannica (Vol. 26, pp. 501-508). Chicago: Encyclopedia Britannica.

No Author:

Mental disorders and their treatment. (1987). In The new encyclopedia Britannica (5th ed., Vol. 23, pp. 956-975). Chicago: Encyclopedia Britannica.

If you have to write your dissertation in APA writing style then you must learn the correct way of citing APA dissertation citations. This format enables readers to thoroughly understand your sources and, consequently, authenticates your text.

Effective Tips for Dissertation Procurement

Dissertation procurement is vital to productively complete your dissertation. There are two types of dissertation procurements and it is necessary to understand what these types are in order to choose the one that will best suit your needs. If you don’t know how dissertation procurement can be valuable then understanding the types of dissertation procurement will help you realize its value. When students search to procure dissertations, they either want to:

  1. Procure pre-written dissertations or
  2. Procure a custom written dissertation
  • Pre-written dissertations are those successful dissertations that were written and turned in by previous students.
  • A custom written dissertation is written according to your specifications and needs. You hire a writer to write either the whole dissertation for you or some parts of it.

So, when it comes to dissertation procurement, students must first ask themselves a question that what type of dissertation procurement will be beneficial for them.

The following tips will help you decide what type of dissertation procurement will be best for you.

  1. Dissertation procurement is extremely important and it helps you complete your dissertation successfully. You should procure online dissertations for reference purposes only. After procuring an online dissertation and turning it in as your own will only get you into trouble. Anti Plagiarism software made it easy for teachers to catch plagiarized dissertations. It will not only waste your money and time but ruin your credibility as well. Therefore, procure online dissertations for reference purposes only and see how a dissertation is organized. Even though the guidelines of different universities differ but you will get an idea that how to write your own dissertation. So, if you know you can do an in-depth research and collect relevant matter then the procurement of such dissertations will give you an idea that how to organize your own when you are done writing.
  2. Procurement of custom written dissertations is crucial for students who are not able to collect relevant matter or can’t decide the theme of their dissertation or speak English as a second language, etc. Whatever the reason may be, if you have to Procure your custom dissertation from a company then choose the one that will:
  • Guarantee 100% plagiarism free dissertations
  • Provide Qualified writers
  • Allow you to stay in touch with your writers
  • Provide 24/7 friendly customer support
  • Offer One-Year unconditional money back guarantee.

Following the tips mentioned above will most certainly help you decide what the best dissertation procurement method is for you.


Should the Length of Dissertation Intimidate You?

I want to ask you all a question, “Should the length of dissertation intimidate you?” I know the answer of most students, if not all, that “No, it shouldn’t, but it still does”. What intimidates most students is the thought that dissertations require at least 200 or 300 pages or that they will have to write at least 20 or 30,000 words. So, what basically intimidates them is their speculations, not dissertation. It’s a misconception that your dissertation must be 200 or 300 pages long. This false perception prevents many students from going for higher studies.

You first need to understand that the length of dissertation differs based on subject. If your dissertation is in psychology then your guidelines will be different from the person who is writing in Mathematics. Check the guidelines of your university and also consult with your advisor. Don’t let your assumptions intimidate you because you might be thinking that you would be required to write 30,000 words, where in reality you would actually need to write 10,000 words.

Now you might ask me that what if you actually have to write 300 pages? Whether you have to write 30 pages or 300 pages, follow these guidelines in order to successfully complete your dissertation:

  1. After talking to your advisor about dissertation, if you are required to write 300 pages then you must realize that you were not arbitrarily given 300 pages to write. Number of pages indicate that there is ample matter available in your area of study and you can complete your dissertation successfully. It will require in-depth research though. And if you think you won’t be able to write 300 pages then you should blame your research skills, not dissertation.
  2. The format of dissertation is intended in such a way that you ultimately end up writing the desired number of pages or words. Understand the structure of your dissertation thoroughly and what each chapter or part requires in order to write it successfully.

The bottom line is that you’ve got to do in-depth research in order to write your dissertation successfully. It really doesn’t matter how many pages you have to write. What matters is that you manage to collect sufficient information for your dissertation.

Also, keep in mind that the quality of your dissertation must be maintained. You can’t put more words in just to extend your dissertation. You must avoid verbosity. So, while writing your dissertation, if you get stuck somewhere and don’t know what else to write in order to complete it then follow these rules to add some content to your dissertation:

  1. Adding pros and cons is great way of extending the length of your dissertation with quality content. Add some examples to make your position stronger. If, in your dissertation, you disagree with someone then add more examples to make their case even weaker.
  2. Ask someone, who doesn’t know your topic, to read it and let you know where you don’t make sense. A lot of time we tend to omit information that we consider basic or not very important. It might be basic for you but not for the one who doesn’t know your topic well. They will be able to tell you where you don’t make sense and then you will be able to add more content to your dissertation.

So, don’t feel intimidated. Go for your Master’s or PhD confidently. If you are already doing your Master’s or PhD then get ready to write your dissertation. Just do thorough research, collect ample matter and complete your dissertation successfully.