Dissertation Papers

How to get your dissertation paper published?

After completing a dissertation paper, most students want to know how to get it published. First of all, you should own the copyright. So bind your dissertation paper and then fill out the copyright form. If you live in the UK then submit the form and the required number of bound copies to The British Library. If you live in the US then submit the form and the required number of bound copies to The Library of Congress.

When you are ready to get your dissertation paper published, talk to your advisor and seek his advice. It will be difficult to publish your non-fiction dissertation paper work without previous experience of publication. Your advisor will not only guide you but will also help you revise your dissertation paper according to the requirements of the publisher.

You have three options to choose from in order to get your dissertation paper published:

1) Publish Your Dissertation Paper in a Journal:

Find a suitable journal for your dissertation paper. In order to find one, go through their guidelines and find out their requirements and what kind of content they are looking for. Check if you can publish your complete dissertation paper or only some part of it. Also find out what their submission guidelines are. For example, if they are looking for content related to your filed of study or not, or if they only want experienced authors whose works have previously been published, etc. After going through the details submit your work and wait for their reply. They will review your work and inform you. If it’s not accepted, go for another journal.

2) Publish Your Dissertation Paper as a Book:

Find a publisher who specializes in publishing dissertation papers in your field of study. Make your dissertation paper look like a book. It will require thorough revision and editing if you are getting your dissertation paper published for general public. I advise you to consult with academic publishers as well. You will first have to submit a book proposal to a publisher. Your book proposal will explain what sort of material you want to publish. Make sure you don’t submit your complete manuscript unless they are interested.

3) Self-Publishing:

If you only need to have some bound copies of your dissertation paper that you can share with others then you may use something like
So, when you are ready to get your dissertation paper published, choose the option that best suits your needs. Talk to your advisor about it as well as they will unquestionably guide you in the right direction.