3 Essentials of a Literature Review Introduction

The aim of a Literature Review is to review, analyze and evaluate the studies conducted to identify gaps in the current literature review that your study aims to fill. One should adopt the idea of organizing his information into sections in the literature review than rant about it. One of the most difficult steps is to start the writing. For that reason an Introduction Phase should be given a shot before anything else. Make sure you look at a literature review example or how to write a literature review before you start. Here are three simple steps.

1st essential

Give a definition of a topic or field and the objectives of the Literature Review. Write 10 introductory sentences before you choose one that gives away the purpose of the literature review with utmost clarity to those who are not in your field.

2nd essential

Appreciate the most significant research that has been conducted on the area of work you are going to further conduct a study on. Identify the amount of work done and the gaps that were overlooked or have now formed due to changes in trends.

3rd essential

Write about trends, conflicts, themes and the conclusion that will be discussed further in the literature review. Give an indication of the division of sources that the current area of study- your literature aims to fill.