Golden Rules Of Writing A Good Dissertation

Dissertation writing seems to be a nightmare for every student but they even cannot run away from it as this is a key to get a degree in their hands. Writing a good dissertation is not that difficult as it seems to be, you just need to put little more effort than essay writing. This is how students tend to search for it over the internet to find out how to cope with this problem and for this reason; I am providing you some of the golden rules in writing a good dissertation.

Following are some of the golden rules in writing a good dissertation:

Please, stick to the standard writing format:

If you don’t know what the standard writing format of the dissertation is, consult your supervisor. Every college or university has their own writing standards of dissertation and they provide it to their students but if they haven’t you should ask them.

Please, stick to the standard citing rules:

Again, this is the responsibility of your college or university which should provide you with the brief guideline in which there must be the citation rules as well. There are many types of citation styles in the world, like, MLA, APA, Harvard, Oxford etc. You have to determine which one will be used while writing the dissertation.

What would be the methodology to be employed in the dissertation?

Decide what would be suitable methodology to be used in your dissertation, these methodologies is usually known as the methods of investigation. Methodologies are decided in accordance with the nature of the topic of the dissertation, some of the commonly used are:

Qualitative method of investigation
Quantitative method of investigation
Compare and contrast method of investigation

Consulting your instructor for any further help:

You must ask your instructor for any further help if you are facing with any problem or any confusion. This rule is perhaps the most important one so far.

Don’t forget to note down any important information:

Whenever you find any useful information while collecting notes, note down it immediately to avoid going back while writing the dissertation.

Revise, revise and revise your work again and again:

English of the students is not so well, so it is better that you proof read your dissertation again and again otherwise your dissertation might create some problems for you.