How to select a dissertation topic

A dissertation is the most important assignment that a university graduate does. It is compulsory for the students to conduct a research project to pursue higher education. The dissertations demonstrate the capabilities and the level of understanding of the student.
The most important step in preparing a dissertation is to select an appropriate topic. Many students find it as the most difficult and arduous step of a research project. Since the research illustrates the understanding of a particular subject, so it is essential to develop a dissertation topic that is interesting and relevant to the area of study.

Factors affecting the choice:

There are numerous factors that affect the selection of the dissertation topic. The researcher has to consider following elements to create a topic:

•Relevance to the career and area of study

•Availability of primary data

•Accessibility to the existing literature

•Gathering and managing the required facts

Tips for choosing a dissertation topic:

•Narrowing down the topic:

A focused topic gathers the attention of not only the writer but also of the reader. A general dissertation topic will require a sizeable amount of effort to write as it will have wider areas to cover. The writer would then need to divide his report into various sections to organize the material.

•Keeping it simple:

Using technical terms in the title is not advisable as it will not impress the reader but may further create confusion. A simple title will not only help the reader but will make it easier for the writer to etch out a clear and comprehensive research paper.

•Making the right choice:

It is imperative for the students to select a topic of interest for their dissertation. As they have to spent ample amount of time and energy in preparing the dissertation, therefore it is advisable for the writer to select a topic of fondness. It also becomes easier and effortless for the writer to conduct a research on that particular dissertation topics.

•Maintaining Originality:

Since many people share similar interests so it is crucial for the write to discover a unique aspect of the subject area. A dissertation topic must be current and exclusive so that the research project remains on the top for consultation. An exceptionally new topic will also fill in the knowledge gaps that were earlier left behind.

•Working on the thesis:

it is quite an idea to use the title of the thesis as a dissertation topic after making some amendments or expansions. It reduces the amount of energy and also saves one’s time as much of the research will already be done.

Choosing a dissertation topic can be a tough job. But there are few criteria and measures, if give proper consideration can help in devising a suitable topic.It is one of the most important projects assigned in your student so be wary of what you choose and write.