How to prevent the length of your dissertation from intimidating you?

1)Does the thought of writing a dissertation intimidate you because you think you can’t write twenty thousand words or may be more?

2)Are you not going for your Master’s degree or PhD because you think you won’t be able to write a long dissertation that will contain hundreds of pages?

Most, if not all, students feel intimidated when they think about writing dissertations. It’s a false perception that your dissertation has to be 200 or 300 pages long or that it should at least have 20 or 30 thousand words. What in reality intimidates these students is their speculation, not dissertation. But what if you actually have to write a long dissertation that should contain at least 300 pages? We will discuss this as well in this article below.
Don’t let Dissertation Intimidate You:

•You need to understand that the length of UK Dissertation depends on your area of study. If you are doing your Master’s or PhD in Psychology then your guidelines will be completely different as compared to someone who is doing his Master’s or PhD in English.

•Also, writing about something that you enjoy in your field will keep you engaged and you will have your desired number of words or pages before you know it. Therefore, write about something you find interesting.

•You must stop speculating and procrastinating.You might have to write may be 70 or 80 pages maximum and you are getting intimidated just by thinking that you will have to write at least 200 pages. Check university guidelines for length and also consult with your advisor.Don’t let your assumptions preoccupy you completely.

Long Dissertation or Short – Shouldn’t Matter:

Now, you have to write a dissertation and let’s say you have checked your university guidelines and also consulted with your advisor and you have to write 200 pages or say 50000 words. If you think that it won’t be possible then who should be blamed – you or dissertation? You need to understand that you were not arbitrarily given 200 pages to write. If you have been given 200 pages to write then it means there is enough information available in your area of study that after thorough research you can write the desired number of pages. Therefore, if you think you won’t be able to collect ample matter to write your dissertation then your research skills should be blamed, not dissertation.

The structure of your dissertation is designed in such a way that you eventually end up writing the required number of words or pages. Find out that what each chapter or part of your dissertation requires. You will notice that your dissertation will continue to extend as you study. You must write about something that you enjoy in your area of study as it will keep you engaged and motivated.

Therefore, you must:

•Find out the exact length for your dissertation from your advisor.
•Choose a topic you find interesting as it will keep you engaged.
•Understand the structure of your dissertation thoroughly that what each chapter requires.
•Do thorough research as this is the key to your success.
•Collect ample matter for your dissertation.
•Stay focused and keep reminding yourself that whether 20 pages or 200 pages, it doesn’t matter.

You are now on your way to successfully completing your dissertation.