Are You Looking for PhD Dissertation Sample To Format Your Doctoral Dissertation?

Doctoral students usually look for PhD dissertation sample before starting their own dissertation but they only are able to find the kind of content and sections that are to be written. Following is the guideline that will help you in the formatting of the dissertation

Guidelines for Formatting Dissertation

1. Graphics

Graphs and charts must conform to the quality of the rest of the dissertation. If you are manually writing something in the dissertation, do it with the permanent, insoluble ink. Do not use pencils or ball point pens.

2. Bibliography

The bibliography should follow the format that is preferred in your area of study. They might be single-with extra room between each entry.

3. Scanned Material

In the doctoral dissertation, you can also attach scanned materials that meet the quality criteria of the dissertation. But do not paste them with glue or staple them but bind them like the rest of the pages. You can attach colored pictures but it is not preferred

4. Superscript and Subscript

Special scripting like superscript and subscript are also suitable for use. Usually, superscripts and subscripts are a size smaller than the normal text. To make them more visible you can use double spacing.

5. Using Headers

Do not write anything in the headers other than the page number.

6. Footnotes and End notes

Footnotes and end notes usually have single spaces but can have double-line space for each entry in the foot/end note. Make sure you adhere to the preference of your department whenever writing footnotes.

7. Margins & Page Numbers

•  The margin should be at least 1” on all the four sides of the page
•  Page number should be placed on the upper right corner of the page with the distance of 1” from   the top and side of the page
•  The title page and the copyright page do not have page numbers on them.
•  Table of content, dedication page and acknowledgement page have their page number in Roman   numerical (lowercase)
•  Number the body of the dissertation using Arabic numerals (uppercase) starting from 1. Examine   your own dissertation to ensure that all pages are in numerical order.
•  The appendices section also has page number that follows the count of the preceding pages.

8. Paper quality

 The size of the paper should be A4 (8.5x11 inches)
 The color of the page should be white paper whereas its weight should be 20 pounds

9. Printing Quality

The print of the dissertation should meet the requirements of formatting and clarity. Common defects in the printing can be: smudges, formatting errors and poor quality of the print/ink.

 Black ink with sharp and dark quality
 The font size should be 12 Times New Roman.
 The alignment of the page must be single side
 Double-space the actual dissertation

The above PhD dissertation sample for formatting will eventually lead the student to produce a dissertation that is strong in its appearance without any error in the layout.

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