Dissertation Projects

Things you must know about Dissertation Projects

When students start their dissertation projects, they ask one similar question, “What should I do?” The answer is relatively simple: “Stay in touch with your advisor”. Why should you stay in touch with your advisor might be your next question. The reason behind this is to ensure that you know the specific requirements for your dissertation project in order to complete it in time. Requirements and specifications of dissertation projects vary from one university to another. So, get in touch with your advisor and also check out your university guidelines to find out what needs to be done and what your approach should be. Let me know give you a general guideline that will help you understand your dissertation project and writing process.

  • Choose a topic pertinent to your degree program and make it manageable by narrowing it down. Make sure there is ample matter available and you won’t have any trouble finding information in future. After that, go ahead and write your dissertation proposal. Talk to your advisor or check your university guidelines for your proposal.
  • Assuming this is a 5-chapter dissertation project, your first chapter will be the Introduction. Explain the purpose, intention and goal of your research.
  • Chapter 2 of your dissertation project will be Literature Review. You need to show that you have read widely and also have up-to-date information. It should show that you have conducted a thorough search.
  • Dissertation Methodology, which is the 3rd chapter of your dissertation project, should define the methods you used during your research. As there are different methods like interviews, surveys, etc, discuss with your advisor that what method you should adopt for your dissertation.
  • Chapter 4 of your dissertation project will be Results and Discussion. You need to provide your own results with reference to what you found in your literature review. Along with recommendations, present your investigation of any new themes that emerged from your research.
  • Chapter 5 of your dissertation project will be Conclusion. As the title says it all, you need to conclude your whole project. You need to also talk about the focus of further research.
  • The last part of your dissertation project will be the Bibliography. You have to show each source that you used in your dissertation.

You have now understood the structure of your dissertation project. In order to understand the specific requirements of each part of your dissertation project, talk to your advisor. It’s not an easy task but not impossible either. It will require persistence, determination and in-depth research skills. So, get ready to write and complete your dissertation.