5 General Steps To Write A Literature Review

Literature reviews are not that difficult, however writing literature review can become difficult for students if they will not study their literature thoroughly. Figuring out the strengths and weaknesses from literature review papers is one of those key areas on which students should work very hard. The core purposes of literature reviews are to provide your readers an up to date literature.

A literature review must define the objectives of your research. You should have a command over information seeking and critical appraisal to come up with an effective review of literature. You need to define the following to the readers through your literature review:

• Your review should deliver its purpose to the audience.
• Review of literature should also tell readers about the scope of your literature review topic.

One needs to follow just 5 general steps to come up with an effective review of literature:

Step 1

Search Thoroughly: Thoroughly search for the literature through papers, books, journals and articles. It will definitely help you a lot in your assignment.

Step 2

Continuous Reading: You should keep reading about the topics related to your literature in order to collect useful information. Continuous reading will broaden the scope of your review. Thorough reading will also aid you to note down some important findings and references.

Step 3

Start Writing: You should begin to write a literature review to prove your viewpoint with the aid of references that you have found about the topic.

Step 4

Critical Evaluation and Modification: You may have begun writing literature review; but, you need to do a bit more to write your review. Information that you have collected for the review may not be up to date; therefore, analyze your literature to eliminate discrepancies, if there are any; you need to modify that.

Step 5

Citation: Once, you have completed the literature review; then you should cite down the sources that you have used for your literature including books, journals or articles.

They were the 5 general steps that one needs to follow to write a literature review. Last but not least, if you possess the strong analytically skills; then, it won’t be a big task for you to come up with effective review of literature.