How To Conduct A Literature Review In 5 Easy Steps

A literature review has many purposes behind it, some does it to provide background information about the research work done by the scholars and authors while in the scientific literature review, it is done to highlight the similar form of research work done and what can be done to do a further research work. No matter, for what purpose the literature review has been conducted, no research work is complete without writing a literature review which acts as a stand-alone document in any research project.

Writing a literature review:

1. Know the basics of conducting literature review:

You have to first get yourself acquainted with the term literature review, search over the internet about literature review and how you should incorporate in your research work. Most of the people think that it is just a review of a particular text; if you also think this way, then let me tell you that rather it is a data of material on a particular topic. It has been common practice that a literature review is done to highlight background information on any topic.

2. Decide what type of literature review you want to conduct:

At this stage, you have to decide which type of literature review you would like to conduct, if it will be something that stand by itself than select a topic of interest and write on it. If it is done for any scientific or research paper than use the best literature on that particular topic.

3. Decide the scope of the literature review:

Ask yourself, what is the scope of the literature review you are doing, a literature review can be either summary of all the important information or an evaluation of the sources on the topic while also suggesting the best sources or intellectual progression of any field or merger or new and old ideas. Scope of the literature review is decided on the basis of the type of literature review your are doing.

4. Incur the text required in conducting literature review:

Collect the text that has the relevant information to be included in the literature review and make sure if the sources are highly credible or not. Give more priority to the scholarly sources, for this, you can also consult the librarian to find good and authentic sources to obtain information from.

5. Style and Breadth of the literature review:

It is of utmost importance that you know the reason of conducting literature review because this will help in determining the style and breadth of it. So, make yourself very clear about the type and the scope of the literature review in order to further work on your project.

Therefore, I hope the above told literature review help will assist you in working on your project easily.