How To Do A Literature Review In Ten Minutes

Sometimes doing a literature review seems to be a very difficult task for the students, as they don’t know how to effectively cope with this problem; as a result they get stuck in the middle of their dissertation writing. This is why; we have decided to help those needy students who don’t know how to do a literature review, the following article will guide them in doing a literature review in no time.

The first thing that you should know about a critical literature review is that you don’t have to conduct a brand new research on the topic; you just have to provide a review on the any existing or previously done literature. The basic goal of doing a literature review is that it should provide the latest information about the topic and forming a new background for the further research work. Writing a critical literature review is all about up to the mark information and news with appropriate references along with the good use of terminologies while also providing a comprehensive view point on the previously done research work on the subject.

If you want to write an effective literature review, you just need to find a pertinent literature and write a review on it. For this purpose, you can consult any book, short novel, stories and essays and go through it deeply and search for all the research work done on that subject. Good resource to find information can be the libraries and internet. Internet can prove to be very beneficial for getting the desired material on any topic provided that all those resources are authentic.

Before actually putting your review on the paper, you need to properly read all the material you have gathered to write a literature review. You can also draft an outline where you would be noting down the chapter and topics that are relevant for your review. The best structure for doing a literature review will be starting it with an introductory paragraph, body and the conclusion. The body could also be divided into sub-bodies depending on the nature of literature review.

Thus, the preceding information about how to do a literature review will help you immensely in doing a literature review effectively.