Methods To Verify Collected Data For Your Dissertation On Marketing

+ Are you having problems to assemble and verify accurate data for your dissertation on marketing? What should be kept in mind to get a candid response for your marketing dissertation question from your audiences?

Usually, students find it difficult to get a candid response for their dissertation question and generate an authentic finding. Mostly, they end up producing a dissertation on marketing far from the obvious.

Consider following 3 main points while collecting data.

+ Technical Adequacy

To make an accurate judgment about the case under study, the data collected should come up to the following parameters:

I. Reliability 

Reliability is usually concerned with stability over the period. A reliable data consistently conveys the same meanings.

A simple way to find out whether the data is reliable or not is to ask others, friends, colleagues, advisors to read and tell whether it conveys the same meaning to them or not.

Through this process, you can identify items that do not have clear meaning to the reader and can change them accordingly.

II. Validity

Validity on the other hand is whether your data collected produce the required information or not. A data is valid if it elucidates information that is required out of it. To check validity the same approach is used again, asking others to tell what the information conveys to them.

If the response is what you want, your data communicating your work is valid.

III. Freedom from bias

When the information is affected by factors other then what is designed to measure the response than the data collected is biased. Biased response provides inaccurate information.

+ Practicality

When collecting information, it is pertinent to look for the practicality of the data collected.

I. Cost

The data collection method should not be very costly. Since for most researches you need extensive data, therefore, it is suitable to select a method that gives you accurate results without costing much.

II. Political consequences

Another important point is the political conditions and its affect on the respondents. Most often, consciously or unconsciously there are questions to which people respond under pressure or they would not have given the same answer if the political conditions were different.

III. Duration

Most people avoid giving long interviews or filling detailed questionnaires. It is not their duty but they are doing it for you, therefore, to get the accurate response its better if you keep your data collection method simple and to the point.

IV. Personal needs

Generally, responses are also differing when these are based on personal needs. Person in one situation will have different response than when placed in another situation. Therefore, accuracy of data also to great extent depends on the personal needs of the respondent.

+ Ethics

Protection of human rights, privacy, legality, etc. is all the issues to be well-considered before as well as after the collection of your data.

Produce a credible piece of work that really adds authenticity and recognition to your dissertation on marketing making you feel proud of yourself.