How to write a dissertation discussion chapter? Is this what you are thinking? Gotcha … These are the answers to all such questions of yours.

A dissertation discussions chapter is a chapter of your dissertation where you can amalgamate your own ideas, research and findings in such a way that you can better acknowledge the theories and believes of other people. This can help you offer better solutions to the questions a fore you and your dissertation will be constructed in a completely articulated way.

In your dissertation discussions you have to highlight a few things to give it your desired shape. You have to put some key outcomes of your research up front. Also provide the reader with further elaboration regarding those outcomes. While writing a dissertation discussion, you should stress on the difficulties which you have faced during your research and how you have overcome those hindrances. Also give the readers an idea of the future by advising additional research patterns.

Keep your dissertation discussions chapter within the allocated limits of the specific methodology you have used.