A bibliography is an alphabetic order of literary works you have cited. It is very important to get yourself acknowledged for honesty and legitimacy. Bibliography is the key to that. It may seem lackluster but it’s necessary for any dissertation. Understanding this fact you would want to know how to write a bibliography.

Following guidelines can help you learn how to write annotated bibliography:

The first thing to know when understanding how to write a bibliography is that you have to follow a particular approved format for all kinds of citations. Don’t wait to formulate your data until the end. Do it all along your research and analysis. Keep the central ideas of any writing in your mind. The names of he author(s) should be mentioned in alphabetical order, use (et al) for multiple writers. Months are to be abbreviated. Use dd/mm/yyyy or mm/dd/yyyy format. Give the exact page number along with other things. Use only the published title. Use only the city name and not the country name. Mention all publishers in descending order.

The above guidelines can help you a lot in learning how to write a bibliography.