Political Dissertation – Not a Political Concept!

Do you know that one can easily answer any question regarding what, when and how while preparing a Political dissertation? Seriously, it’s not a joke. Let’s see how?

Step Forward!

Gather the statistics of those Political systems who failed to achieve states goal with acute proofs and evaluate them to decide whether I should criticize such systems or not.
Politics to Political Science:

What? When? How? They play a major role in Politics while seeking answers to such questions develop Political science.

What is Politics?

Politics is simply:

1. Setting-up state goals.
2. Creating methods to achieve state goals.
3. Achieving state goals.
4. Decision making.
5. Evaluation of major issues.
6. Bringing relief to controversies.

Political Science

You should elaborate subdivisions of Political Science in your Political Science dissertation as follow:

1. Political Philosophy (Individuals to State Relationships)
2. Comparative Politics: (Governmental Analysis)
3. IR: (Foreign-Affairs)
4. Political Methodology: (Quantitative Political Study )
5. Public Policy: (Dealing Public Matters)
6. Public Law: (Abiding by Laws)
7. Public Administration: (Legislative Policies)

Democracy versus Dictatorship

Political research has proved that dictatorship dominates over democracy.

Biased Decisions

Biased decisions can either take a country to development or destruction but such decisions play central role in country’s growth. It’s better to mention Political risks in your Political dissertation.


You‘d have realized now that Political dissertation serves as a great hand to answer everyday life questions.