Should the Length of Dissertation Intimidate You?

I want to ask you all a question, “Should the length of dissertation intimidate you?” I know the answer of most students, if not all, that “No, it shouldn’t, but it still does”. What intimidates most students is the thought that dissertations require at least 200 or 300 pages or that they will have to write at least 20 or 30,000 words. So, what basically intimidates them is their speculations, not dissertation. It’s a misconception that your dissertation must be 200 or 300 pages long. This false perception prevents many students from going for higher studies.

You first need to understand that the length of dissertation differs based on subject. If your dissertation is in psychology then your guidelines will be different from the person who is writing in Mathematics. Check the guidelines of your university and also consult with your advisor. Don’t let your assumptions intimidate you because you might be thinking that you would be required to write 30,000 words, where in reality you would actually need to write 10,000 words.

Now you might ask me that what if you actually have to write 300 pages? Whether you have to write 30 pages or 300 pages, follow these guidelines in order to successfully complete your dissertation:

  1. After talking to your advisor about dissertation, if you are required to write 300 pages then you must realize that you were not arbitrarily given 300 pages to write. Number of pages indicate that there is ample matter available in your area of study and you can complete your dissertation successfully. It will require in-depth research though. And if you think you won’t be able to write 300 pages then you should blame your research skills, not dissertation.
  2. The format of dissertation is intended in such a way that you ultimately end up writing the desired number of pages or words. Understand the structure of your dissertation thoroughly and what each chapter or part requires in order to write it successfully.

The bottom line is that you’ve got to do in-depth research in order to write your dissertation successfully. It really doesn’t matter how many pages you have to write. What matters is that you manage to collect sufficient information for your dissertation.

Also, keep in mind that the quality of your dissertation must be maintained. You can’t put more words in just to extend your dissertation. You must avoid verbosity. So, while writing your dissertation, if you get stuck somewhere and don’t know what else to write in order to complete it then follow these rules to add some content to your dissertation:

  1. Adding pros and cons is great way of extending the length of your dissertation with quality content. Add some examples to make your position stronger. If, in your dissertation, you disagree with someone then add more examples to make their case even weaker.
  2. Ask someone, who doesn’t know your topic, to read it and let you know where you don’t make sense. A lot of time we tend to omit information that we consider basic or not very important. It might be basic for you but not for the one who doesn’t know your topic well. They will be able to tell you where you don’t make sense and then you will be able to add more content to your dissertation.

So, don’t feel intimidated. Go for your Master’s or PhD confidently. If you are already doing your Master’s or PhD then get ready to write your dissertation. Just do thorough research, collect ample matter and complete your dissertation successfully.