Things You Must Know About Literature Review Presentation

So, you have to give a literature review presentation and you need to know how you may achieve the best possible result. First of all, you need to find out about the duration of your literature review presentation. You might have to give a 15-minute presentation or a 10-minute presentation, etc. You can’t be certain until you find out from your instructor. But let’s say you are allowed a maximum of 20 minutes, you should then prepare your talk for 13-15 minutes as it will give you time for questions as well.

In your literature review presentation you share with your classmates the results of your project and a summary of the imperative ideas in your literature. But, of course, you can’t cover everything in such a short period of time. You should talk about the reason behind choosing your topic, what makes it important and interesting, give important points to help your audience understand the theme of your presentation clearly, provide details that can help understand the issues in the literature, include and discuss material that will show how your study supports your thesis statement, support your reasons using previous research but your main emphasis should be on the reason and not on previous research, etc. Check the guidelines provided by your instructor to make sure you cover everything required.

When you present your literature review, other than information, your presentation skills are also checked. Make sure you practice your presentation as it will enable you to understand how much you can say in the time allotted to you. Ask a friend to listen to your presentation. Get their feedback and try to improve where you lack. Therefore, before your presentation, you must practice, practice and practice.

If you want to use any visual aids for your literature review presentation then you must inform your instructor ahead of time. You can use PowerPoint presentation but do not just read what is written on the slide. Your PowerPoint presentation should only highlight the main points of your presentation.

When you present your literature review, there is no need to speak in a formal way. Instead, talk in a conversational way. Make sure you enunciate all the words correctly. Speak slowly and loudly so everyone will be able to hear you and understand you.
Follow the important points mentioned here to present your literature review productively. Also, make sure you check the date that when you have to give your literature review presentation. See how much time you have and practice as much as you can.