3 Tips for Writing Your PhD Dissertation

When you write your PhD dissertation, it has to be original and unique. You have to discuss an uninvestigated problem. It’s not easy but not impossible either. Stay away from copy-pasting completely and stay in touch with your advisor, professors and classmates as much as possible. Let’s now discuss 3 Tips that will help you with your PhD dissertation writing process.

  1. When you are ready to start your PhD dissertation, choose a fascinating topic. Choose something that can make you scream with happiness and willingness when discussed. It won’t be easy to come up with such a topic; however, you must strive to find something interesting. You must also consider the job market. Choose a topic that will give you an edge when you are ready to apply for a job.
  2. Your PhD dissertation doesn’t have to be related to your Master’s dissertation topic in any way. They can be totally different. If you want to choose a different theme or topic as compared to your Master’s dissertation, then you may most certainly do so. PhD dissertation is a considerably different and focused work which requires freshness, uniqueness and originality. Your Master’s dissertation can give you a starting point though. However, your PhD dissertation doesn’t necessarily have to be related to your Master’s dissertation at all.
  3. How long your PhD dissertation should take depends entirely on you. If you are focused, have a definite plan and stick to it then you may complete your PhD dissertation in less than a year. If your PhD dissertation requires 2, 3 years of observation then of course you can’t finish it in a year but under normal circumstances, with a definite plan, it shouldn’t take more than a year. It’s a must to have a definite plan.

Your PhD dissertation has to be new and something that was not researched before. Again, it’s not easy but it’s not impossible either. If other students can complete their PhD dissertations successfully and earn their degrees then why can’t you? All you need is dedication. So, get ready to write your PhD dissertation Now!!!