Tips for Acquiring Literature Review Examples

If you are ready to write your dissertation then looking at approved literature review examples of previous students will enable you to write your literature review easily। Literature review contains and analyzes research conducted in the past on a given topic. You should first consult with your advisor regarding how to write it and what it should contain. After this, when you go through a few literature review examples, you will know exactly what to do. Now, let’s see how you can acquire literature review examples:

  • Refer to your school library for literature review examples। They will have dissertations written by previous students. Choose the ones pertinent to your topic and go through the literature reviews to see how you can embellish yours with valuable information.
  • You may also ask some of the professors in your department for their dissertations। When you are provided with their dissertations, make sure you thank them and get ready to explain what you found fascinating about their research.
  • You can also ask a friend, who has written a dissertation before, to give you a copy of his work। Your friends will also be able to give you some valuable suggestions regarding literature review.
  • Look for free online dissertation archives. After you access online dissertation archives, you will be able to get some literature review examples for your own literature review. Here is a link to some online dissertations: [At the web site of Brunel University West London, you will find a few examples of dissertation]

Literature review examples can be extremely beneficial in terms of getting numerous references. You will not only learn to organize your literature review but will also get access to many valuable sources for your literature review and dissertation. So, acquire literature review examples, do thorough research, complete your dissertation via some dissertation help and earn your long-awaited degree!!