4 Common Problems Students Face When They Write Dissertation

When students write dissertations, they always look for ways that can help them write a dissertation successfully. Along with that you should also know what common problems students face when they write a dissertation and how you can avoid them. I am going to highlight 4 common problems faced by students when they are ready to write a dissertation. These problems can prevent you from completing your dissertation successfully. Let’s see what these problems are and how you can avoid them:

Broad Topic:

When students begin to write a dissertation, they have a tendency to go for a broad topic. It sounds appealing but eventually it becomes difficult to manage a broadly defined project. When you work on a broadly defined project, you basically touch many different projects and don’t concentrate on one. Try to choose a specific and narrowly defined project as it will allow you to write a dissertation successfully and complete it on time.

Ordinary Research Skills:

In order to write a dissertation, you must carry out an in-depth research. Don’t think that only a few resources will help you complete your dissertation. You should have access to both online and offline resources that will enable you to collect ample material for your dissertation. You must collect as much information as possible. Turn your ordinary research skills into extra-ordinary research skills by going through all kinds of resources like online dissertation archives, online libraries, local libraries and previous dissertations in your school library. Also, talk to your classmates about your assignment, stay in touch with your advisor, talk to professors in your department and talk to your friends who have completed their dissertations. This will enable you to collect ample matter for your dissertation.

Confusion With Writing Style & Citing Sources:

There are different types of writing styles like MLA, APA, etc. They all have different ways of citing sources. If you have to write dissertation in the APA writing style then you will have to thoroughly understand the different methods of citing sources. The way of citing sources changes depending on where you have collected the material from. Therefore, refer to the writing manual for writing style and how sources are cited. Make sure you refer to the Latest manual to ensure that you cite your sources correctly.

Giving up Your Master’s or PhD Just Because You Are Not Adept at Writing:

A lot of students don’t go for their Master’s or PhD just because they fear they will have to write a dissertation and they are not skilled writers. Your dissertation is simply an assignment. Is it wise to give up your degree just because of an assignment? Yes I understand that it might be the most difficult assignment for you but you can’t allow it to keep you away from your degree. You can only enhance your writing skills when you start writing. Therefore, start writing your dissertation and you will notice improvement as your proceed further.
When you write dissertation, it is crucial to know what problems you might face eventually. This will enable you to prepare ahead of time and know how to overcome obstacles that might prevent you from completing your dissertation and getting your degree.